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    1000 Sons [1500 points]

    After I have finished my Witchhunters I loked for an new army and after reading the Chaos Codes I wanted to collect 1000 Sons. I have set up an army and played some games. After that games I modified the list and this came out:

    Chaos Lord of Tzeentch 182 points

    Familiar, Powerweapon, Boltpistol, Frag Graneads
    Psychic Powers:Bolt of Change , Wind of Chaos
    Daemon Gifts: Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Essence, Daemonic Resilience

    Lord of Change 160 points
    Wind of Chaos

    8 Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines, Bolter 236 points
    +1 Aspiring champion, Boltpistol, CCW, Daemon Chains

    3* 6 Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines 144 points per sqaud

    5 Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines

    Chaos Defiler of Tzeentch 190 Punkte
    Daemonic Possession
    Coruscating Warp Flame
    Indirct Fire

    Chaos Dreadnought of Tzeench 180 points
    TL Lascannon, Dreadnought CCW
    Daemonic Possession
    Coruscating Warp Flame
    Parasitic Possession

    Modells in Army: 36
    Total points: 1500

    So a few words about the troop choiches. I took a "cheap" Lord who is able to support Rubich units, do a lot of damage with Wind of Chaos ( very nice if the the Lord of Change is doing the same thing on the same unit ) and who is able to held up units in close combat. I took the Lord of Change because he is jeust awsome. In all the ganes I used him he did a lot of damage and earned a lot of victory points. The Aspiring Champion with the Daemonchains is the ensurance that he will apear at the battlefield very quickly. You may have noticed that I use many small Rubric squads. Many 1000 sons players prefere the big squads with the Aspiring Champion but I think that the small ones are altough very good. One point is that the are very flexible and that they can do a lot of damage with their Bolters. Another point is that they can held up units for a few rounds. At my local gaming club many players where suprised that six Marines can take a lot of damage before they will die (one of my squads held up a sqaud of twenty necons for two turns). The Defiler and the Dreadnought add supporting fire to the army against tanks and other "bad things". The Dreadnought has although a good chance to kill close combat charackters of SM and CSM.

    In the moment I am really pleased with that army but I would like to know what you guys think.


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    It's always nice to see more Thousand Sons players but I must say this is a very different approach to the army and I'm far from certain I would say it's for the better. This reply might seem a bit harsh from time to time but I do not in any way intend to be anything but nice. It's very much to do with the fact that I'm writing to you, not talking. If we were talking you'd see I'm smiling friendly all along.

    Your Lord will need a familiar to have two Psychic Powers and I think he would benefit more from D.str then D.resilience. He is walking yet has no thralls? Why if I may ask, they are one of the best things in the army. D. Essence is also of very little use I'd say, at least compared to what you could get for the same points.

    You say
    One point is that the are very flexible
    about the Rubrics with no Champions... I will have to disagree on this. In what way are they flexible? They can walk and shoot light infatery-yes, soak some damage -yes but nothing more.
    one of my squads held up a sqaud of twenty necons for two turns
    If you would have had a Champ in that unit you would have chrushed them. The Rubriks can take a good beating but that's rather useless if they do not bite back.

    (on wind of Chaos)very nice if the the Lord of Change is doing the same thing on the same unit
    Indeed it is, but that would be what, 350 points of HQ's, doing what any ordinary Champion with a thrall could do for a fraction of the points.
    You also call your Lord "cheap", I'm all worked up now, he is indeed quite an expensive HQ. A cheap, yet very efficient TS HQ is a Lt with Bolt of Change and four Thralls. You could give him a Powerweapon and an Aura if you want. Put him in a squad where the Champion has Bolt of Change and 4 Thralls and a powerfist. That unit would eat your entire army. And it could be yours for only 135 points + unit. That's 4 Bolts each turn+ bolters. Evil.

    What will you do in games where mobility is important? You can hardly rely on good rolling for the Rubrics to win such a game.

    I think this list needs some major rethought.
    The Champs are the backbone of Thousand Sons, the bolterRubrics are but a shield to protect them. The spells are awsome and should always be augmented by the use of Thralls.
    If you are the least bit unlucky, you don't even need to be unlucky, this army will be without any juice after a couple of turns. THe tanks are easily delt with as the have rather low AV and then the only thing to threaten the enemy is the Greater Daemon with his 3 attacks and the Lord.
    Last edited by Andusciassus; March 7th, 2006 at 22:05.

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