-there are a number of units in the chaos codex that i think are cool, but ineffective, and also some combos that i can never try out cause i usually play a specific mark. i finally decided to make a not pratcical, but extremely fun list, incorporating a lot of stuff that i wanted to try out.

Demon prince, flight, stature, strength, resilience, essence, mutation, aura, spikey bits, 2CCW"s =172pts

2 obliterators=140pts
6 rubrix terminators +champion, doom bolt, power fist = 273pts
6 rubrix terminators +champion, doom bolt, power fist = 273pts

9 space marines, infiltrate, 2 plasma guns, aspiring champion, kai gun=211pts
8 flamers of tzeentch= 184pts

Fast attack
-10 raptors, 3 plasma pistols, aspiring champion, plasma pistol, powerfist=358
-6 bikers, mark of slanesh, 6 sonic blasters, aspiring champion, powerfist, doom siren, demonic mutation=259

Heavy support
-chaos dreadnaught of khorne, destroyer, 2nd CCW=115
-8 havoks, mark of nurgle, infiltrate, 4 plasma guns, aspiring champion, powerfist, nurgles rot=271
-10 havoks, tank hunter, 4 autocannons=250