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    First Time at Chaos

    Okay i am deep in thought about starting a chaos force, most likely Nurgle. I quickly browsed a friends codex and came up with a small list, i just wanted to check my lord and retinue, i think there is something really wrong with it but i can't find any rule problems. All feedback is greatly appreciated.


    Chaos Space Marines Army

    Daemon Prince
    Daemonic Resilience; Mark of Nurgle; CC Weapon (x1); Dark Blade; Daemonic Stature; Daemonic Flight; Daemonic Strength; Furious Charge

    5x Chosen Retinue
    Daemonic Resilience; Mark of Nurgle; CC Weapon (x4); Bolter (x3); Flamer (x1)
    Aspiring Champion
    Daemonic Resilience; Mark of Nurgle; Daemon Venom; Daemonic Strength

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    First - please don't copy/paste right out of Army Builder or whatever program you happen to be using to do that. Not only does it break forum rules and copyright laws when you fail to remove the stats, prices, and descriptions of the upgrades/models, it makes it very hard to read what you have on your models. This time I have taken the liberty to edit your post to be more pleasing to the eye and conform to our forum rules.

    As for your squads, the Prince looks fine. Pretty standard really, which is a good thing. Are you paying for the Daemonic Resilience, or was it simply included because you took the Mark of Nurgle? He also should have some form of invulnerable save, such as Daemonic Aura.

    What I don't understand is why you have a Flying model attached to a retinue. They'll only slow him down, since he can't leave them. Unless you didn't mean to use the word "retinue" and you're just running them as a stand alone unit, in which case I have to ask why you even have Chosen in the first place. Standard CSM do the same job, but are cheaper when doing it.

    As for the Chosen unit itself, why bother with Daemonic Venom? Trash upgrade, not worth the points. Champions are most effective when armed with a Powerfist or Power weapon + Strength combo, so that they can easily kill models with armour saves. Venom isn't even worth the pittance of points you put towards it.

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