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    Voice of the Emperor

    Voice of the Emperor Cult (counts as LatD)
    Friendly games, 1500 pts.

    HQ: Silas (Aspiring Champion) - 42
    -Power Weapon
    -Teleport Homer

    Cypher (Chaos Lord) - 135
    -Plasma Pistol
    -Power Weapon
    -Agility (Daemonic Aura)

    Fallen (x4 CSM Chosen w/Infiltrate, join Cypher) - 155
    >Codicier (Sorcerer)
    >Sacred Scrolls (Warp Talisman)
    >"Vengeance" (Wind of Chaos)
    >Aspiring Champion
    >Plasma Pistol
    >Plasma gun

    x5 Fallen Terminators (Chaos Chosen Terminators) 210
    -x2 Lighning Claws
    -H. Flamer

    x15 Assault Cultists (Mutants w/ Nurglesque) - 135
    -led by Silas

    x15 Cultists (Traitors) - 130

    x8 Fallen (CSM w/Infiltrate) - 213
    -Xyphal (Aspiring Champion)
    -x2 meltaguns
    >Smoke Launchers

    x10 Cultists (Traitors) - 100
    -H. Bolter

    x10 Cultists (Traitors) - 100
    -H. Bolter

    Hellhound - 115

    Leman Russ Battle Tank - 165
    -Hull-mounted lascannon
    -H. Bolter sponsons

    This is my attempt at a both themed and tactically sound army. Whaddaya think?
    Battleplan: Leman Russ and Fallen in Rhino go tank-hunting. The traitors shoot up infantry. The mutants assault either other assault troops or the opponent's firing line. The terminators deep strike where needed, or assist the mutants if not able to deep strike, and/or go HQ hunting with Cypher and his retinue.

    I know that this number of Fallen Dark Angels is rare, but I think Cypher would be able to find some if needed. I tried to keep them down as much as possible, but the LatD troops choices become very boring, and the elites, as well as the mutant troops, become dangerously un-fluffy. I could only justify one group of mutants, and barely. Otherwise there would have to be more traitors. I tried to get as close to the rules for Cypher without actually using them. And he's now less points, and has an invulnerable save, which I think is nearly essential for an HQ.

    Fluffy? Tactically sound? Not fluffy? A tactical mess? Let me know!

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