[1000]Tournament World Eaters (warning, contains the ordor of cheese) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000]Tournament World Eaters (warning, contains the ordor of cheese)

    Before I start I would just like to state that this is list is by no means supposed to be balanced or effective. I don't expect to do anything with it other then see the shocked look on my opponent's face when I lay down 17 models... including a Landraider.


    Alternate Vlad the Impaler: 250
    Lord, Mark of Khorne, Pair of Lightning Claws, Demonic Essence, Demonic Rune, Feel No Pain, Demonic Resilience, Demonic Strength, Demonic Mutation, Collar of Khorne, Terminator Armor, Spiky bits, Furious Charge


    Terminator Chosen: 300
    5x Terminator AC: extra CCW, Feel No Pain, Furious Charge


    2x Khorne Bezerker Squads: 100 ea.
    5x Khorne Bezerkers: Khornate Chainaxe


    LandRaider: 250

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    There once was a Lord named Vlad,
    Who's fighting skillz really were mad.
    He killed and he maimed,
    He spilled blood in Khorne's name.
    And the fact that he's legal makes me glad
    (special thanks to Uriel Zarium for the last line/touching it up)

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