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    Thousand Sons 500 Points (Friendly but competitive)

    Alright, I have come up with several lists for my Sons, these are for use in my friendly games as well as games we may play in the upcoming summer campaign at my local hobbystore. The use of Chosen has been allowed (thankfully). I'd really like some help on these, if you could please point out which list is the most well balanced and which lists would be against certain armies. (I'll be mostly using these against Tau and Grey Knights during friendly games, hobbystore could be anything, so I need to be ready). Enough of my ranting. Onto the lists. Suggestion/Example lists are welcome as well.

    List 1

    Chosen of Ahriman
    Lightning Claw, Bolt of Change

    Thousand Sons x9 (Free Champ)
    Wind/Gift of Chaos

    Chaos Flamers x6

    (I think this comes out to about 493? Sorry, this is an old list I found, the math might be a little screwy)

    List 2

    Thousand Sons x9 (Free Champ) [286 pts]
    Champ - Powerfist, Wind of Chaos, Gift of Chaos, Famliliar, 2x Thralls (Warp Focus may be added in here for the Gift.)

    Screamers x8 [120 pts]

    Chosen of Ahriman - Power Weapon, Daemonic Strength (Lightning Claw instead?) Bolt Pistol
    [96 pts]

    [502 pts]

    List 3A

    Thousand Sons x9 (Free Champ) [252 pts]
    Champ - Powerfist, Bolt Pistol, Wind/Gift of Chaos

    Thousand Sons x9 (Free Champ) [252 pts]
    Champ - Powerfist, Bolt Pistol, Wind/Gift of Chaos

    [504 pts]

    List 3B

    Thousand Sons x9 (Free Champ) [272 pts]
    Champ - Powerfist, Bolt Pistol, Bolt of Change, 2x Thralls

    Thousand Sons x9 (Free Champ) [232 pts]
    Champ - Powerfist, Bolt Pistol

    [504 pts]

    "If you can wait til I get home, then I swear we can make this last."

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    Librarian from Hell Andusciassus's Avatar
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    I like list 2 best. A coule o fthings though, Why not give the Chosen of Ahriman Darkblade instead of the D.str+PW or Lightning Claw? Same points but better.
    In this you have more tactical flexibility then in the others and I think it'll be fun to play.
    Maybe you should change the spells a bit to make them both usable through the game.

    Champ Gift of Chaos
    CoA familiar, doombolt and 1 thrall. (that BS is too good to ignore)

    Remember that the Key is a Psychic-power so the Chosen of Ahriman will need a familiar to take a secon one, like he has in some of the other lists. It's also very handy to give the CoA's some Thralls, this will let them use the key twice in a round, very entertaining.

    Good luck

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