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    Pimp my Black Legion for about $100

    OK here is the deal: I sitting currently on a Black Legion army that was my noob army. Being a noob army I made a lot of mistakes, and it isn't up to par with my other forces. Also the paint scheme was really bad (blue& white) I cringe still thining about it. Back in the day I got a lot of comments about Smurf Chaos.

    I've decided to rework them, and bring them up to 4th edition functionality. But I don't want to break the bank either.
    Already done: stripped the gastly paint job:

    To do: (and this is where you all come in.) Find a new theme for the army and make it cool & a force to be feared.

    The Origional theme was Slaanish and Tzeenitch based, but with undivided troops. This is what there is to work with: (note things are in current configuration, but as the models are stripped, and I still have all of my bits weapons can be moved around/Bolters can be changed to bolt pistols & CCW's ect. Also I will post how they where usually built.

    Unstatured Daemon Prince: Mark of Slaanish, Daemonic Speed, Daemonic Strength, Daemonic Mutation, Daemonic Aura, Combat Drugs, Doom Siren, Bolt Pistol & Lash of Torment.

    Tzeenitch Sorcerer: Mark of Tzeeitch, Bolt of Change, 3 thralls, bolt pistol, power weapon. (sometimes a few gifts or a lord upgrade)

    Lord of Change:

    10 possessed (I have 12 models for them though) bolt pistols, CCW's, leader with powersword, rhino to transport them. I went to town with the mutation sprues on these guys.
    But nobody gave me trouble using them as standard CC chaos marines about 1/2 the time.

    3 Obliterators

    Enough models to make 4 of these squads:
    Aspiring Champion: power sword, daemonic strength. 2 plasma guns. 6 regular Chaos Marines with bolters. They have mark of chaos undivided with an icon per squad too.

    also extra aspiring champions: 1 with no Power weaon, but with daemonic chains; 1 with lightning claws.

    10 daemonettes

    10 flamers of tzeenith (was 6, but got more for my LatD)

    Fast Attack

    4 Chaos bikers AC with power sword, daemonic str. All with furious charge. 1 plasma gun in squad.
    10 furies (they never used bought for LatD)

    Heavy Support
    Havoc Squad: 8 members 4 missile launchers, tank hunters
    spare heavy weapon havocs: 1 autocannon, 2 lascannons

    Defiler, indirect, havoc launcher upgrade.

    Also available should I do a unified theme with my LatD:
    3 Aspiring Champions with power fists, Daemonic mutation & visage (the've got rat heads so they don't fit well in theme with my old army concept. . .but should I go nurglish. . .)
    1 Arch heretic: power weapon, kai gun, visage (another rat headed dude)
    1 Arch heretic: plague sword, mark of nurgle, daemonic speed, mutation, strength (another rat head, used as a kamakazi HQ killer. . .it sometimes even worked.

    Some thoughts. Obviously more powerfists are in order for the army instead of power swords to bring it up to date with 4th edition. . . but where from there?

    Some things I've thought of:
    Buy a box of scaven for bits (heads & tails mostly) Convert them into a nurgle based army vermine theme: this will intigrate into my lost and the damned, and perhaps get some plague marines to go with them.

    Clean up the old theme, just bring it up to date & make it more effecient. (probably adding a predator or a dreadnaught)

    Go solo Tzeenitch or Slaanish themed, get some more of the appropriate daemons, & a box of the cult troops to go with them. (and update the rest to be effective obviously)

    Oh and I'd like the update to cost about 100$ (or less) if at all possable as can be seen in the title.

    OK I know that was a little different, but I hope it's fun for you all. Let's see those ideas roll!

    Votewar MKV 2nd place. . .

    Back from internet limbo, and glad to be here.

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    well quite honestly i'd let your army sit on that and go looking for a new race. Thats a fair bit upu've got their and will make quite a good army. If your intent on expanding though a land raider would probably fit well into this. This is big enough so that it can carry your possessed squad around and will wit in well. If you hate land raiders though then get some other kind of vehicle. A dread or Pred.

    Its best to just leave it mixed legions. Its cool playing black legion with multiple marks.
    Check out my Codex: Farmyard Animals here!

    If anyone wants any kind of help writing fluff for any kind of GW army just ask.

    Anzac Clan

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