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    Re-vamped Iron Warriors [1500]

    Well, I'm trying to finalize my Iron Warriors list as I get closer to finishing modeling. And just want your opinion on the tweaked list. In my previous I had no close combat with the exception of a deamon prince. I would have liked to keep my HQ close combat based but didn't know where to shave the points for it. So if you have any suggestions for that please feel free to add where I can get the points from. I figure I can put toger a decent CC lt/lord for 100-130 points.

    Chaos Lt. [70]
    - Kai Gun

    2 x Obliterators [140]
    2 x Obliterators [140]

    7 x CSM w/Missle Launcher [108]
    7 x CSM w/Missle Launcher [108]

    2 squads of...[362]
    7 x CSM
    - 2 Melta Guns
    - Infiltrate
    - Bolt Pistol & CC weapon
    - Mark of Chaos Undivided
    - Frag Grenades
    - Aspiring Champion
    - PowerFist

    7 X Havocs w/3 Heavy Bolters [143]
    7 x Havocs w/3 Heavy Bolters [143]

    Basilisk w/Indirect fire, Mutated Hull [155]

    Vindicator w/Dozer Blades [130]

    Total: 1499

    If I can squeeze the points, I was kind of thinking of the following HQ instead:
    Lord [160]
    - Ether Lance
    - D. Speed
    - D. Aura
    - D. Strength
    - D. Rune

    or my old lord (which was better and cheaper), but he is statured and can be shot up easier.

    Lord [102]
    - D.Speed
    - D.Stature
    - D.Aura
    - 2 x CC Weapon

    I think either would work as he is only needed for counter charge.

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    list looks pretty good, i would recommend taking 3 squads of oblits in the form of 2, 1 and 1 that way you can split your fire. by all means you can still walk the 2 individuals together but if the first one finishes off a tank with his lascannon, there is no reason to overkill the dead tank with your second one, who can now aim elsewhere. plus you dont have to take a leadership test with one when you lose the other one to firing
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    Don't worry about the HQ very much; most IW lists I see tend to keep it low points in favor of funneling more cash into Heavy support. I agree with Revolver that you should split the oblits, as I know I've taken them and cursed losing that extra lascannon to an early penetrating hit. I'd trade those missile launchers for autocannons, you can see the logic here, and maybe trade those heavy bolters for autocannons as well. It's really your call as to how much tank-killing capability you need, but betting on your oblits sometimes doesn't work when that Land Raider or other AV 14 behemoth is running straight for your lines.

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