Zombie Zwarm!
I’m trying to complete a Lost and the damned zombie themed army (2000 pts) and I need some help with Ideas to support the theme. I want to field 3 squads of 30 zombies each; I got enough IG and Chaos to back them up.
So far I was planning on fielding 2 full strength traitor squads with lasguns and lascannon and one more unit with minimal manning and lascannon. HQ’s would be something like the 3 aspiring champ super value meal (mark of nurgle, powerfist and bolter). For fast I was thinking Dogs (a pack of 10) and 2 Sentinels (lascannons). For Elites 5 big mutants and for heavies I had in mind something like a Basilisk, a Defiler and a Leman Russ.
Obviously if I’m writing this is because I have my doubts about the configuration supporting the zombie horde. Your opinions will be greatly appreciated!