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Thread: 1850 undivided

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    1850 undivided

    Hello everone i really need ideas for a 1850 list on june 24 i really don't know what to take it's for a a tourament whoever wins gets a whole guard army and i have never made a high points list so any and mean any ideas would be very helpful thanks in advance

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    Alright, first of all, this is far too broad of a question. Asking a question like that will
    get people to post army lists that they play because people naturally assume their list is awesome because, lets face it, we spend a lot of effort into each of our own lists.

    Please do the following: what sort of theme are you wanting to play? Any idea can be built upon but just asking for "give me ideas of what I should play" just isn't right.
    If you want general advice then here goes: Start with theme, then start to immagine how your list would do against each type of other list out there. It might help to go to the 40K armies section of the forum just to look at the list of possibilities that you might face and think to yourself: "how would my army do against XXX"

    Start with the basics: Anti troops, Anti Horde, Anti armor, Anti skimmer.
    Does your army have the capability to deal with each of these aspects?
    Remember tourney armies usually need to be built to take "all comers" having a list that is
    Super tank heavy will get chewed up against orcs/tyranids, because lets face it lascannons just don't kill them fast enough.
    But a anti-horde specific army would crush those mentioned, but just flail uselessly against an armored company, or more commonly a mechanized army.

    So, I will take this moment to endorse my favorite and always effective units in the Chaos list.
    Chaos space marines- outfit them to do specialized things and use them to do those roles
    2x melta guns and furious charge(or infiltrate) on assaulters
    1x Heavy weapon(I use heavy bolter) and a plasma gun- fire support
    Remember to give your champs powerfists on every CSM squad its a gold standard
    because it works.
    Havocs: Note that these are yet MORE chaos space marines.
    4x Autocannons with tank hunters and infiltrate(no mark)- a 48'' range 8 Str8 shots will
    blow just about anything Av 13 and under apart pretty reliably. They are Awesome
    against skimmers. Not only that, out of Armor to blow up? well, then 8 str 7 AP4 shots
    are nothing to scoff at.
    Note: 4x Lascannons are great against AV 14 vehicles too, but only very useful in
    situations where you may face a lot of heavy vehicles.
    and Never, EVER EVER mix weapons in havocs, you will kick yourself later if you do.

    Obliterators: these guys rarely let me down, if they are on the board, they add value.
    3 of em at 1850 is a good buy. They will give you 3 of that much needed whatever you need in a pinch. In my case, they are there to have the only lascannons in my army. For that annoying monolith that appears.

    Raptors: Fast and versatile. These expensive babies can bail you out of tight spots, but can also cost you a bundle of points. I like to use these guys with 2x meltaguns, infiltrate, and a power weapon on the champion. Their hit and run allows you to really keep hiting a unit hard and tie it up indefinitely.

    Those are just my suggestions on units that have never let me down. But keep in mind that they fit in my army and my army is designed to work as a cohesive force.

    Let us know what sort of type of army you want to play, black legion can do a little of everything so please narrow it down for us!
    W/D/L Eleventy trillion billion/NONE/ NONE - I am STILL rulezor!

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