well i am bored as hell, and ave decided to make up a list for a that can stand up well in a tournement, deathguard have always been my favourite chaos god, i have always liked the idea of the elite tough marines getting made into the tougher more resiliant marines by being infected with disease. thats got to be one hell of a disease.

daemon prince, daemonic stature, daemonic armour, daemonic aura, daemonic mutation, daemonic visage, daemonic venom, personal icon, frag grenades, spiky bits, nurgles rot 171pts

with this guy i know he is a tad expensive, but he is able to go after high toughness opponants, such as wraithlords, carnifex's and also be able to hurt infatry, as he can get stuck in combat and not go any where, and the nurgles rot shall hopefully take a few of the enemy unit out.

nurgle leiutenant, bolt pistol, daemonic mutation, frag grenades, power weapon, nurgles rot 102pts

the leiutenant is in the army as i could not figure out what to do with the 100 spare points, any way his main purpose is to join either the horde hunter squad or the chosen and lead them, with his extra power weapon attacks he should be able to help swing a fight in my favour.

7 chosen of nurgle, frag grenades, 2 meltaguns, bolt pistols and close combat weapons, plague banner, aspiring champion, power fist, bolt pistol, nurgles rot, rhino, plague carrier 313pts

the chosen are my primary combat unit, they strike at the enemy, when confronted with a particully powerfl enemy that has charged them or is still in combat with them and needs to die quick, they unleash the plague banner and cause all manner of devestation. i am unsure if the rhino is a good idea, but the main plan s to move full speed, disembark from the sides and use the rhio as cover, then make the rest of my move on foot.

7 nurgle marines, 2 plasmaguns, bolters, close combat weapons, aspiring champion, power fist, bolter, spiky bits, nurgles rot, rhino, plague carrier 318pts

this unit is the primary unit that grabs objectives, they are designed to charge up the field in there rhino, exit in cover or in/on the objective and stay there, they can still handle close caombat, but also any one who moves near then is going to get shot to bits. they are a good defensive unit.

7 nurgle marines, frag grenades, move through cover, 2 flamers, bolt pistols and close combat weapons, aspiring champion, power weapon, bolt pistol, nurgles rot 177pts

this units main role is to deal with enemy units in cover or horde units, they are equipped with move through cover to help them deal with such hard to shift units such as, termigaunts, orks, kroot and space marine scouts. the flamers shall make short work of most horde units whilst the rest of the unit piles in to finish them off, cover or no cover.

7 plague bearers 94pts

the plague bearers main job is to get stuck into the most dangerous combat squad the enemy has, and let the nurgles rot take care of the rest. if need be the daemon prince can also get stuck in and help them out.

nurgle dreadnought, twin linked lascannon, dreadnought close combat weapon, plague carrier, extra armour 145pts

the dreadnought is has a multipurpose role on the battle field, it can either move around and get clearer shots with it lascannons against tanks or big thing, or it can run around and reach combat so it can smush as much stuff as it can, the dreadnought with the plaguebearers should cause quite a mess.

predator, twin linked lascannons, lascannon sponsons, mutated hull, 175pts

this is in the army, as it really really needed some long ranged tank hunting capabilities. it may not be much but it should happily survive a few shots fired at it. with 3 lascannons i am pretty confedent that it can handly any tank that comes its way,, the main weakness is that if i face a tank heavy army iwill not be able to do much damage.

army total, 1495pts

i am rather pleased with the list, i think it is well balanced and can also hold its own against a fair few tournement players, my only worries are ordinance shots as i do not have many troops and massive eldar seer council.

every thing in the army excpet the predator has the mark of nurgle.