I'm a little new here. I highly respect the posters on this forum and I am looking for thier thoughts on this list. I have only been playing for about 8 months. In anycase the purpose of this list is Mobility, Firepower, and the ability to fight hordes. Most of the people I play at my local GW play Chaos IW, Tau, Chaos Nurgle, Space Marines, Eldar, and Gaurd. Also I am allowed to use Chosen of Ahriman there. I'm 1 point over which is generally accepted.


1 Chosen of Ahriman
CCW, Kai gun, Daemonic Aura, The Key

1 Chosen of Ahriman
CCW, Combi-Bolter, Daemonic Aura, InfernoBolts, The Key


3x 8 Thousand Sons (Favoured Unit 9 total)
1 AC
Powerfist, CCW, Bolt of Change, 4x Thrall Wizard


5 Chosen Thousand Sons w/Rhino(smokes, Extra armor)
Wind of Chaos, Bolt of Change, Heavy Bolter, Doombolt, Bolter w/ Minor Tzeentch power

Heavy Support

1 Dreadnought
TTLasCan, Dread CCW, TLBolter, Daemonic Possesion, Parasitic Possession

I know Dreadnoughts are kinda Iffy. The Reson I use one is cause I have a Forgeworld Tzeentch dread. I was also toying around with the Idea of Tzeentch Terminators. Comments would be appreciated. I have 2 units of 9 Flamers too but they have been hit and miss so I did not include them in this list.