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Thread: 1850 Khorn

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    1850 Khorn

    Swarm berserkers. The idea behind this army, is to put out so many 3+ saves, they cant kill them all. Jacked up AChamps to kill tanks in such and just wreck crap in CC. Here is the list

    6x Squads of 7 Berserkers with one champ 1476 pts (246 each)
    Frags + Charge + Chainaxe
    Champ = Powerfist
    Spiky Bits
    Master Crafted weapon
    Daemonc Strength (Str 10 on charge to kill tanks)
    Daemonic Mutation
    Talisman of Burning Blood

    Lord 195 pts
    Berserker Glaive
    Daemonc Strength
    Daemonic Armor (Lots of Krak missiles in my tourny)
    Daemonic Stature
    Collar of Khorn
    Spiky Bits
    Furious Charge
    Feel no Pain

    1x Pred 174 pts
    All around las cannons
    Daemonic Posession
    Dozer Blades
    Smoke Launchers (House rule lets the person start with smoke out)

    1845 pts
    Thats the list. The pred is there only because I had the points and was our of troop selections. I was hoping to use the points to bump a squad of berserkers up to 18 and keep with the all infantry theme, but I am 8 berserkers short. I am also going for the intimidation of 48 Khorn berserkers and a big guy with a huge axe at the line up. Oh! Another reason I decided to make this list is the omega game. 1 in 3 games at this tourny will be omega, and starting will all of your army save for one model on the board save the pred that will be replaced, rocks. Please tell me what sucks and what does not.

    When all else fails... charge it with a Tyrant.

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    Ahhh another fellow who uses 6 squads of beserkers although, i would like to see a CC Dread instead of a predator lol

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