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    mixed 1750 pts army

    Noticed that the amount of armor killing units used in armies posted here are low compared to the amount required on my local tournament circuit. Here is a mixed army that has served me well in causual play and got me some wins in 1750 pt tournaments. In my circuit there is no such thing as an expensive vehicle with less than 14 front armor. As a consequence there is no army build with less than 5 lascannons or equivalent weapons that works. very much slaugther oriented I know, but hey its blood for the blood god after all who cares about objectives when there are no enemies left to claim them :yes:

    fast attack:
    (388pts) Raptors (10) 2*meltagun 1*plasmapistol, furious charge and undivided champ with power fist.
    (133) Marines (6) 1*lasconnon 5*bolter, tankhunters, undivided
    (133) Marines (6) 1*lasconnon 5*bolter, tankhunters, undivided
    (192) Thousand sons marines (8 )
    (192) Thousand sons marines (8 )
    (70) Obliterators (1)
    hvy support1
    (195) Predator all lasconnons, possession and mutated hull
    hvy support2
    (195) Predator all lasconnons, possession and mutated hull
    hvy support3
    (205) Defiler indirect fire and mutated hull
    (46 ) liutenant + bolter

    (1749pts) 43 units
    very shooty
    with 9 lascannons and 2 meltaguns enemy 2+ save critters and vehicles always go down
    very stable fast attack
    no transports, does not connect early with enemy
    the very stable fast attack becomes a priritized target for the enemy and gets slaughtered
    depends upon winning the initiative to destroy enemy transports carrying berzerkers etc.

    try it and let me know how it worked for you

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