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    Iron Warriors GT 1500

    Hey all, im making one mean list for the GT, with eldar being trimmed down to non craftworld, i can see a large amount of players taking tricked out Tau, space marines or chaos armies. So this army was born to give out a large amount of low AP shots.
    I have 260 points to spend


    MOCU, Kai gun, D.strength D.resileince power weapon. 110


    2 oblits 140
    2 oblits 140
    2 oblits 140


    8 Man team dual plasma 140
    8 Man team dual plasma 140
    7 Man team dual plasma 125

    Heavy support

    Defiler 150
    Vindy mutated hull 155

    1240 (260 points to spend)

    my ideas
    • 3 more oblits (all with a special scratch and sniff cheesey chevron paint scheme)
    • More marine boyos (or smaller teams with dual plasma)
    • 5 man lascannon teams
    • las pred
    • another defiler
    Hit me with your ideas.

    THanks DJ

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    I would knock the Plasma teams down to six men each and try to squeeze in a fourth. Dual plasma squads without champions are basically fodder to be used and thrown away, so they don't particularly need the extra men. Six is nice because you can lose two to Overheats and still force your opponent to kill off two more marines to have it not be a scoring unit.

    Give the Vindy a Dozer Blade. Allows you to hide behind cover on turn one and move through it with little risk to damaging the tank.

    With your extra points, I'd consider swapping out the Lt. and making an effective counter charge unit. Your army lacks the ability to stop quick charging armies, such as Tyranids or Dark Eldar. Having at least one or two units that can hold their own in CC will go a long ways against them.

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