1000pt Friendly Black Legion Berzerkers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000pt Friendly Black Legion Berzerkers

    EDIT: Yay I already screwed up the Black Legion part. I rock. O'tay, not exactly Black Legion, but "World Eaters" it ain't, you get the idea.

    Alright, so as per
    I have gotten back into 40k from about a five year break. I am getting accustomed to the rules changes and more importantly into the new CSM codex. What I have posted here is my first army list to be built by me thus far. My first priority is making sure I havn't made an illegal list.

    If you are really into changing the list or have any ideas for a different angle my army can take, the above link lists my available CSM pieces. I thank you in advance for any advice you can give me:

    I figure a two-tiered attack. Mainforce the Lt. and Berzerkers at the bulk of the enemy (giving em a lot to worry about) while the Plague Marines can hold down the other flank using their high toughness until the Berzerkers make their way on through. The Havocs can dish out a little support and, hopefully, draw some of the heavier fire. I gave the PM AC Rot; figured for 5 pts it can't hurt since they will be attacking opposite ends.

    Lt. - 127pts
    Furious Charge
    Mark of Khorne
    Juggernought of Khorne
    Axe of Khorne
    Frag Grenades
    Bolt Pistol

    Would join as a unit to the following troops choice:

    Berzerkers x12 - 321pts
    Frag Grenades
    Furious Charge
    Khornate Chainaxe x7
    -Power Fist
    -Talisman of Burning Blood
    -Melta Bombs

    Bloodletters x5 - 130

    Plague Marines x8 - 239
    Plasma Gun x2
    -Nurgle's Rot
    -Power Weapon
    -Plasma Pistol
    -Melta Bombs

    Havocs x6 - 183
    Mark of Chaos Undivided
    Missile Launcher x2
    Lascannon x1

    Points: 1000

    32 Models

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