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    2k World Eaters army

    i was bored so i decided to make my own WE army. any comments are appreciated.

    MoK, RoK, CoK, Bezerker Glaive, Stature, Speed, Strength


    troops-8 zerkers(AC is Possessed)=231
    MoK, 7 KC, AC(CCW,AoK) rhino(SL,EA)

    (2 squads) 8 Zerkers=256 each
    MoK, 7 KC, AC(CCW,PF,BoR, Strength) Rhino(SL,EA)

    (2 squads) 8 Bloodletters=208 each



    2x DCCW, Destroyer,MH,EA

    what i basically do is have my DP speed with the D6+6 in movement phase and fleet of foot him in the Shooting phase, then hed assault for 12 in. (possible 30 in's) as well as have my zerkers speed away in the rhinos hopefully into hulldown area and possibly block of LoS. the pred and the Dreadnought take out any Anti-Tank vehicles or powerful units while my Destroyer Dread heads up the rear of the assault. on the 2nd turn i rhinos closer to the enemy and use SLs for cover. and try to summon BT then, as well as summon my Blood letters to the field if i am close enough to assault. i plan on putting my DP in assault fairly quickly as he will be a sought after target.hopefully by the 3rd turn i will have the advantage because of quick assault runs.

    i still have 5 pts to spend i believe. suggestions on where to put them are appreciated as well as comments on my army.

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    Okay, a couple of thing wrong with your list/tactics:
    first of all, You can't have Berserker GLaive and an Extra Movement Upgrade (Speed, Flight, Juggernaught).

    Quote Originally Posted by Ardvark
    on the 2nd turn i rhinos closer to the enemy and use SLs for cover. and try to summon BT then, as well as summon my Blood letters
    Sorry, but if you start your turn inside a transport (Such as a Rhino) you can't summon Daemons. You need to disembark the turn before.

    Personally,. I don't like Dreadnaughts, there armour is so weak, tha lucky Missle Launcher can pop them easily. Also, they get pwned in CC if there is a Hidden Powerfist in the squad.

    I would Drop the BloodThirster, get more Berserkers ( in 2000 points you need AT LEAST 4 squads), and maybe drop the rhinos too, if they get blown up, you can't move or shoot for a turn. And that's very bad.

    Good Luck, have fun.
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