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    1500pts of chaos undivided for city fighting and open

    ok my friends and I are planning and have set up a tournament for using the new cityfight rules (cities of death whatever) and also including areas with large open spaces such as approaching hives and the outlands and son on and so forth meaning that gearing na army exclusivly towards city fighting will get me hammered on the open fields and vice versa so i'm trying to level out a army which leans towards city fighting but can hold it's own on the fields to.

    tha majority of the campaign/tournament will be in city terrain or heavy cover fields but key asreasare filed area as well.

    this is what i have so far


    Chaos Lord - Combi Melta, power sword, MoCU, Terminator armour, Demonic Essence,
    demonic Strength (145 pts)

    Elites - Obliterators x 2 (140pts)


    CSM x 5 - MoCU, 2 meltaguns, Infiltrate, bolters
    - AC - power fist, plasma pistol (163pts)

    CSM x 5 - MoCU, 2 Plasma Guns, bolters
    - AC - Power fist bp (138pts)

    CSM x 5 - MoCU, 2 Plasma Guns, bolters
    - AC - Power fist bp (138pts)

    CSM x 5 - MoCU, 2 flamers, bolters
    - AC - Power fist bp (130pts)

    Heavy Support

    Havocs x 6 - 4 Autocannons, MoCU, Tank hunters, bolters (188pts)

    Dreadnought - plasma Cannon, flamer, extra Armour, smoke launchers, Havoc Launcher

    Predator - Autocannon, heavy bolter sponson, combi bolter, extra armour, smoke launchers,
    havoc launcher, dozer blades (158pts)

    All this comes out at 1335Pts leaving me 165 to play with

    So far my plan is to use the dread and pred during citys to draw fire and hold key zones the dread is particularly useful wiht it's better mobility. the pred is designed to tkae out masses of troops who abandon cover

    on the open fields the pred will take out most any troops due to it's large quantitly of rapidly firing high strenght weapons

    the havoc squad doen't expect much inthe way ot heavy vechiles during city fighs but with autocannons and tank hunters are still a threat to ANY enemy vechile especially with their large number of shots.

    troops are in small squads to keep them in cover better but still take losses without being useless.

    the oblits are there for versatility tought and armed to deal with anything they are valuable assets even if they are slow whichin city terrain isn't that much of a hinderence

    the lordi'm not sure about. i'm planning on using him as either joining a squad and leading them into combast or maybe having him wade into the enmy and disrupt thier plans...

    anyway i'm wondering if someone would help me with another few tactics and maybe a use for those 165 pts left over

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    have 2 larger squads with a good size(8 or 7). therefore there not too unwhieldy to fit in cover, but you wont be as devastated when you lose some of your guys. also, maybe give the dread an autocannon, but this is just a matter of taste. also, some bloodletters would be great for city fight, since you can get them to be summoned near the enemy lines and use them to drive them out of thier cover.
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    Increase the flamer and meltagun chaos marine squads to 8 marines each and armed with bp/ccw instead of bolters (don't mix rapid fire and assault weapons as you lose the ability to charge if you fire the bolters) and give the flamer squad infiltrate also.

    If the dreadnought has a plasma cannon and havoc launcher you might as well upgrade it to have a missile launcher (this is how mine is configured). That way you have a good mix of light and medium anti tank and troop killing ability. I hate to be on the receiving end when this thing fire frenzy's. Just thinking about sends chills along my spine.

    If you have enough points left over get another obliterator, they are indespensable and a good value for their points.
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