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    1000pt LATD force 1st list please rate

    [1]Aspiring Champion: daemon armour, daemon aura, great weapon, plasma pistol-60
    [1]Aspiring Champion: daemon armour, daemon aura, great weapon-50


    1 oblierator-70

    [15] Mutants: Bloated, 2 flamers, 1 mutant boss, 1 icon bearer-154
    [15] Mutants: Bloated, 2 flamers, 1mutant boss-151

    [15]traitors : lascannon grenade launcher, icon bearer-155

    [7]Traitors: autocannon, agitator,meltagun -76
    [5]Traitors: autocannon -55
    [5]Traitors: autocannon -55

    [heavy support]

    [[1]Leman Russ:LC/HB-165


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    OK first off, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it.

    Allright your army needs some work, there are some very big problems with it. On the other hand you've got the structure right, so these will be easy fixes.

    First your aspiring champions: I'm assuming your planning to put them with your mutants (The best place to put them.) Daemonic Armor I would argue is not worth the points, nor is Aura. The reason is that these guys are going get more protection from mutant bodies than they ever will from these upgrades. Also The Aspiring Champions biggest job in a squad is to do damage that cuts through armor. A great weapon just doesn't cut it for that purpose.

    My reccomendation is: Drop Aura and Armor, equip them with powerfists and bolt pistols: also consider demonic mutation, it's well worth the points for the extra killing power.

    Next your mutants: Buy powerfists for the Bosses, and unless you decide to get daemons, drop the icons: their only purpose is to summon them. . .and they cost points for LatD. I am glad to see two flamers and bloated. Bloated and non-upgraged are the two viable types, I don't care for the other 3. . . If you have any spare points I would put them into more mutants in the squads, but you have enough for 1000 pts.

    Traitors: All of your traitor squads should look like your 5 man autocannon squads in function. Traitors leadership, even with an agitator is so bad they're as likely to run as not once they are shot at. The best way I've found to make them worthwile is make the squads so small that they pretty much die once an enemy squad pays attention to the. Make them small and cheap, and give them plently of other things to worry about and they tend to be ignored for bigger threats. Between Autocannons and Lascannons it's a hard call, it depends on how big of vehicles you tend to face. Autocannons are better against the lighter, and lascannons vs the bigger. If you're not sure I would go with all lascannons. It's safer to be a little less efficient with overkill, than not having a gun big enough for the job. An even mix is also a pretty good comprimise. Your traitors and your obliterator are your anti-tank force. (Russ in a pinch) They kill what is going to be difficult for the rest of your army.

    And your Leman Russ is just fine. . .
    Votewar MKV 2nd place. . .

    Back from internet limbo, and glad to be here.

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