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    1000pts. LatD Friendly

    I had a cool little idea to make a Lost and the Damned army of traitor Death Korps of Krieg and Hrud under the command of an Alpha Legion Sorcerer, I wanted it to be shooty, mobile, and able to hold its own in close combat.

    Bolt Pistol, Powerfist, Sorcerer, Doombolt, Daemonic Aura, & Infiltrate

    Traitor Infantry I
    9 Traitors, 1 Agitator, Meltagun, Heavy Bolter Team, Aspiring Champion w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW, & Infiltrate

    Traitor Infantry II
    9 Traitors, 1 Agitator, Meltagun, Heavy Bolter Team, Aspiring Champion w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW, & Infiltrate

    Hrud (Mutants)
    14 Mutants, 1 Boss, 2 Heavy Stubbers, Horrifying

    Traitor Armored
    9 Traitors, 1 Agitator, Meltagun, Aspiring Champion w/ Bolt Pistol & CCW, Chimera w/ Turret Multi-Laser, & Hull Heavy Bolter

    Chaos Hounds
    10 Chaos Hounds

    Hrud Death Walker (Defiler)

    Total: 1000pts.

    All advice is appreciated....

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    Senior Member JORMAGI's Avatar
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    Your fluff idea is neat, but you have several problems with the list.

    1: Any traitor squad with an aspiring champion looses infiltrate (even if the AC has the infiltrate veteren ability himself). Kinda annoying I know, but them's the rapps.

    2: One of your traitor squads needs to have 15 men in them, either that or you need another mutant squad.

    Rulewise that's all the problems. . . now some suggestions to make the army more effective. NOTE some of my suggestions will probably go contrary to your fluff, I'm aware of that, but am going to say it anyway just so you know.

    1: Powerfist on your Arch Heretic is a very bad idea. Chances are that the model will be killed before he can use the powerfist in any serious combat, and it waists his high Inititive stat. Better options are the dark blade, demonic strength + power weapon, or a pair of lightning claws (as he has a different ranged attack anyway)

    2: I don't reccomend using traitors as your core forces like you have. . . let me show you why: your core traitor squads run ~ 140 pts Imperial guard can get pretty much the same thing for ~100 and actually be able to infiltrate. Or Chaos Marines could do the same thing for ~170 (200 with infiltration) pts but be way more survivable, and have bolters. . .
    Another way to put it is that traitors when used as guard, are more expensive, and have inferior leadership. Compensating for the poor leadership takes an aspiring champion that itself is half the price on a basic guard squad. The trick with them is to play to their strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses. Use traitor squads to infiltrate into position, and fire on enemy targets from advantageous angles. Keep them small & don't worry about the low leadership. A small squad is just about as likely to be wiped out by fire as to run away so you don't need to spend points on agitators.
    The strenght of traitors is for less points than a guard squad, you can infiltrate a heavy weapon & special weapon.

    Also on the matter of those squads the melta gun isn't a good choice for pairing with the heavy bolter. A better firing platform would be plasmagun-missile launcher/lascannon.

    OK the mutants:
    these are the guys that should have an aspiring champion. You see the strength of the aspiring champion is that he's a CC monster with a powerfist. You give mutants an AC with a powerfist & demonic mutation, then give the mutant boss a powerfist thats 10 powerfist attacks comming out of that squad. Enough for them to scare just about anything they can get their hands on.
    Horrifying is a very bad investment for mutants: for the same price on one model (the aspiring champion) you can get the same effect that you're paying for the entire squad.
    Lastly the heavy stubbers: the best special weapon for mutants is the flamer. First it's dirt cheap. Second it doen't rely on mutants pathetic BS to hit with. And Third it is an assault weapon wich allows mutants to move and still shoot it.

    Ok now I'm getting off my traitor soapbox. . .
    Votewar MKV 2nd place. . .

    Back from internet limbo, and glad to be here.

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    You have a distinct lack of anti tank, which is a problem but not bad apart from that. Oh, and its always good to have some CSM in there for a little help.:yes:
    By day he fought with sword and shield.....
    By night he fought with pen and parchment.....
    He was....The Warrior Poet.......

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    Do you have uber micro...????

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