I threw together this list to play a CoD game with a friend this weekend. I know my lord is kind of expensive, but I was wanting to keep it to the models I currently had for my Alpha Legion army. I'm curious what suggestions people might make for this list keeping it at 1000 points. I did pretty well though, and won the match, which like most CoD missions was objective based not VP.

Lord; Aura, Resilience, Strength, Mutation, spiky bits, melta bombs, frag gren, Dark Blade, combiflamer, infiltrate, furious charge
(might have forgotten something, but he came to 181)

x20 Cultists; infiltrate/furious charge, meltabombs

x7 CSM; x6 bolters, x1 plasmagun, infiltrate
AC; bolt pistol, powerfist, mutation, infiltrate

x7 CSM; x5 bolt pistol/CCW, x2 meltaguns, infiltrate, furious charge, move through cover, frag gren
AC; bolt pistol, power weapon, Strength, muation, spiky bits, infiltrate, furious charge, move through cover

x7 Havocs; x3 heavy bolters, x1 lascannon, x3 bolters, infitrate, tank hunters
AC; bolt pistol, powerfist, mutation, infiltrate, tank hunters.

Now I don't normally put move through cover on my assault squad, but I was planning on attaching my Lord which of course has it. And it helped me soak up points. The havocs are what models I have built for my AL, 4 autocannons listed for next purchase. But they worked pretty good actually. I was playing vs IG in this game.