1850 pt Death Guard "The Foul Retinue of the Leper Messiah" - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Senior Member Seth the Dark's Avatar
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    1850 pt Death Guard "The Foul Retinue of the Leper Messiah"

    Well I'm looking to get back into my Death Guard and was wodering what everyone thought of this list. I did relatively well with this list in my last local tournament and would like to tweak this list a little:

    Leper Messiah 171 Pts
    - Demonic Aura, Essence, Speed, Strength
    - Frag Grenades, Manreaper, Nurgle's Rot, Furious Charge

    Squad Pestilence (7 Pms) 213 pts
    - Infiltrate, Frag Grenades, 4x BP+CCW, 2x Meltaguns
    - Baubo the Noxious (AC): Demonic Mutation, Visage, Nurgle's Rot, BP+PF

    Squad Corruption (7 Pms) 213 pts
    - Infiltrate, Frag Grenades, 4x BP+CCW, 2x Meltaguns
    - Vetalas the Putrid (AC): Demonic Mutation, Visage, Nurgle's Rot, BP+PF

    Squad Putrefaction (7 Pms) 213 pts
    - Infiltrate, Frag Grenades, 4x BP+CCW, 2x Meltaguns
    - Orobus the Vile (AC): Demonic Mutation, Visage, Nurgle's Rot, BP+PF

    Squad Contagion (7 Pms) 213 pts
    - Infiltrate, Frag Grenades, 4x BP+CCW, 2x Meltaguns
    - Empusal the Repugnant (AC): Demonic Mutation, Visage, Nurgle's Rot, BP+PF

    The Diseased (7 PBs) 112 pts

    The Infected (7 PBs) 112 pts

    Heavy Support
    Squad Blight (7 PMs) 229 pts
    - Infiltrate, 2x Bolters+CCW, 4x Plasma Guns
    - Piccolus the Foul (AC): Nurgle's Rot, PW+Bolter

    The Rotten One (Dread) 191 pts
    - TL Lascannon, DCCW w/Heavy Flamer
    - Demonic Possession, Mutated Hull, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers

    Corroded Death (Pred) 183 pts
    - TL Lascannon, Heavy Bolter Side-Sponsons
    - Demonic Possession, Mutated Hull, Smoke Launchers

    Grand Total: 1850 pts

    My plan is as follows:
    - My Havoc squad will set up with the four other Plaguemarine squads using it as fire support which will pick off tougher units (i.e. Crisis Suits, Terminators) and light vehicles (i.e. rhinos, speeders).

    - The four other Plaguemarine squads main goal is to get into CC (hence Bolt Pistols instead of Bolters) and tie up squads for quite a while.

    - The Plaguebearer packs will be summoned to support this assault and maybe tie up some units ahead of time.

    - The Leper Messiah will start in the Deployment Zone in order to clean up any stragglers left over in the different combats.

    - Finally, both the Dreadnought and Predator will pick off the enemy's armor

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    Why not infiltrate the lord? His first turn CC ability may help your other units get to their targets. Also on the lord, drop the essence. His most likely way to die is an instant death from a hidden pfist or wiping out a squad and taking a las cannon to the face. Also, while it is not so fluffy, you may want to drop his nurgles rot. EVERY other unit has it (even the havocs). As you can't double rot and you will likely want to keep him supported with friendly troops, it would become 5 empty points.

    The mutated hull, searchlight, and heavy flamer on the dread may not be a lot of help. Some swear by the MH but I find it to just soak up points for no significant help. Do you expect to face a lot of night fighting and do you want the WHOLE enemy army to shoot at him? I have had minimal luck with flamers on dreads. I find they are usually near one of my squads so the flamer is often left not shooting as it would hit my own guys or not being able to fire as he is joining a CC already in progress.

    Smoke on the pred might not help a lot. When you use smoke you can't shoot that turn so ONLY on turns you move your full 12 is it nice. If you can't think of another use for the points it isn't bad, but I rarely move a pred more than 6 so I find this hard to make work.

    Add more bodies to the havocs. As it is now they have two wounds until the AC drops. The pweapon and rot might not help much as you have so many other BETTER CC squads to support this unit if it gets assaulted. I know people love the all 7 thing, but your AC doesn't help enough to justify his existance or upgrades, free or not. If you place them aggressivly and without ANY CC support then the AC will be ok, but with 6! other CC units and a CC HQ I don't know why that would be helpful.
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    Sadomachiatto Karmoon's Avatar
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    Seth, nice to see the Leper Messiah is back to spread his words and other tasty things.
    Also, glad to hear you did well in that tournament - may i ask, was there a specific opponent/player type that gave you problems?

    About the list - how do you feel about the dreadnought in there? Is he vital for fluff/because he's a gorgeous model?
    How would you feel about replacing him with a predator annihilator pattern like your other one?

    @ Student of chaos
    Infiltrate - I agree with you. However.. it might be ok depending on how he infiltrates his plague marines. His Lord is mainly used for CC support, so by the time his boyos see any action, the Messiah will be there.
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    I like it. IMHO, youve given too many upgrades to your vehicles, but if you like it, then do it.

    As for the lord, I think hes pretty good as well, simple but effective. Instant death could be a problem though. Since your not infiltrating him, try freeing up some extra points and giving him D. Stature, it will make him T5 for calculating Instant Death, and will therefore save him from PF and whatnot.

    Other than that, its awesome... Nurgle for life.
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