I've been playing this army a while now, quite successfully, but cant seem to settle on troop picks that i'm happy with. I figured i'd post the list and see if anyone has any suggestions that would suit the style/theme of the army. Primarily its shooting based with daemon orientated close combat. I do not wish to play with any unmarked troops or marked troops other than undivided.

Chaos Lieutenant MoCU, Kai gun, Terminator armour, Lightning claw, Spiky bit - 135pts

Obliterators (3) -210pts
Chosen (6) MoCU, Terminators, Reaper autocannons*2, PWR fists*2 Tank hunters, Champion with Lightning claw -305pts

CSM (6) MoCU, Plasma gun*2, bolters*4 -110pts (usually accompanied by the Lieut)
CSM (12) MoCU, HV bolter, Champion + PWR fist, bolter*10 -213pts

Furies (10) -150pts
Furies (10) -150pts

CSM Havocs 8 MoCU, Autocannons*4, Bolter*4 Infiltrate, -224pts

*All marked units carry an undivided icon

I've also tried with the 12 man squad split into 2 squads with 2 plasma guns each, and also tested with a HV bolter and a Plasma in each squad. I'm contemplating Heavy bolter and flamer but am uncertain how these would work. I've been told I tend to play quite aggressively and hate leaving my army stationary for any length of time.