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    [1000] [Thousand Sons] [All-Purpose]

    My possible 1000 list:

    Lieutenant, Mark; Bolt Pistol; power weapon; Bolt of Change; frags
    102 Points

    9 Thousand Sons; Icon; Aspiring Champion; ccw; Power Fist; Bolt of Change; 2 Thrall Wizards
    271 Points

    9 Thousand Sons; Icon; Aspiring Champion; ccw; Power Fist; Bolt of Change; 3 Thrall Wizards
    276 Points

    5 Screamers
    75 Points

    Dreadnought; plasma cannon; smoke, possession
    138 Points

    Dreadnought; plasma cannon; smoke, possession
    138 Points

    1000 Points even

    The usual. Thanks, I really do appreciate it!

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    Librarian from Hell Andusciassus's Avatar
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    I think you have a good start, a few minor tweaks though. Your Lt needs an invul. save - so you should try to get him an Aura.
    Two Plasma Cannon Dreads, however cool they are, could be a bit to much in agamethis size. You could swap one of them for a AC/ lascan Pred to get more shootiness.

    And unless you plan to have the Lt moving on his own you should redirect some Thralls his way as his BS is much better.

    I'm glad to see the Screamers in your list, but be careful with them as they are so few.

    As always is the case with the Sons having no Rhino really makes them harder to play. Especially if you happend to get a "claim the objective"-mission. So be very careful not to get lured away from your mission.

    I would have done it different, but I can see how you thought and it might work.

    Maybe you could drop one of the Dreads to get some more points to spend on your Champs. I know I said it before but when you add a familiar and Gift of Chaos, they are sooo much harder, especially since they have some Thralls.

    I'd jhave at least one unit with both them spells. THen use the Other one as a Havoc squad- put in the Lt boost their Thrall-numbers and unleash four Bolts each turn.

    Keep the Bolt/Gift-ing champ and his unit in front of them and have the Screamers take out any IC's heading their way.

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