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Thread: 1k Undivided

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    1k Undivided

    Here's my list, its all undivided, I need some ideas for what to do with the last 89 points, the theme is a legion that operates inside Imperial space, and so cannot rely on daemons. C&C welcome, thanks in advance.

    Brotherhood of the Crimson Sun

    Mephisto, Harbinger of the Crimson Sun - 147 pts
    + Chaos Lord
    + Dark Blade
    + Bolt Pistol
    + MoCU
    + Frag Grenades
    + Daemonic Strength
    + Daemonic Speed
    + Daemonic Aura
    + Furious Charge


    The Flame - 164 pts
    + 8 Chaos Space Marines
    + Bolters
    + 2 Plasma Guns
    + MoCU
    + Aspiring Champion
    - Power Sword
    - Bolt Pistol

    The Fist - 263 pts
    + 10 Chaos Space Marines
    + Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
    + MoCU
    + Flamer
    + Frag Grenades
    + Aspiring Champion
    - Power Fist
    - Bolt Pistol
    - Daemonic Mutation
    + Chaos Rhino
    - Smoke Launcher
    - Extra Armor

    Heavy Support

    The Fury - 175 pts
    + Chaos Predator
    + TL Lascannon Turret
    + Lascannon Sponsons
    + Daemonic Possession
    + Pintle Mounted Combi-bolter

    The Dagger - 162 pts
    + 6 Chaos Havocs
    + Bolters
    + 4 Heavy Bolters
    + Infiltrate

    Total - 911

    “You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.” ~ Woody Allen

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    How about giving the Flame infiltrate? I think they would benefit from it, from finding a good firing position in cover, and thereafter being able to assault the enemy quicker, if needed.

    On the Havoc squad, I personally think Autocannons might serve you better. Then are excellent at taking down infantry and skimmers alike. You could consider Tank Hunters, as well.

    On the Predator I'd switch out the Lascannon for an autocannon. Or you could go with a Lascannon turret and heavy bolter side sponsers, which still holds some good firepower but is also quite manueverable.

    I'm afraid that a single Rhino, even in 1k point games can be an easy target for the enemy. I'd switch it out for infiltrate, which is cheaper. I'd also drop 2 marines, as they aren't really needed. On the fist I'd also drop the Frags, unless you play on a table with lots of cover. D. Mutation on the champ is optional, but could be scrapped. I'd switch the flamer out for some special weapons, melta or plasma, unless your playing a slow hoard army like some Orks.

    Altogether, I think this would save you a bit of points. That plus the 89 points that you already have would give you enough room to add another unit of your choice. Maybe a couple Obliterators, a cheap 6 man squad of marines, cheap predator, etc.

    Again, just some things to think about. Of course it's not neccesary, and others may disagree with my comments. Overall though it looks like a pretty solid build.
    Last edited by brushman; November 23rd, 2006 at 03:47.

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