[1500] Iron Warriors - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500] Iron Warriors

    I just built a 750 point beginners list and couldn't stop myself from trying to expand it into a 1500 point list. My main concern with this list is the lack of troops, lack of an anti assault presence, and lack of speed. Suggestions and advice are always appreciated.


    1 Chaos Lord
    - D.Spd, D. Res, D. Aura, Dark Blade, Spiky Bits, Frags, BP

    2 Obliterator (Elite)

    1 Obliterator (Elite)

    1 Obliterator (Elite)

    5 Chaos Space Marines (Troop)
    - 1 Lascannon, 4 Bolters

    5 Chaos Space Marines (Troop)
    - 1 Lascannon, 4 Bolters

    6 Chaos Space Marines (Troop)
    - 2 Plasma Guns, 4 Bolters, MoCU

    6 Chaos Space Marines (Troop)
    - 2 Plasma Guns, 4 Bolters, MoCU

    8 Chaos Havocs
    - 4 Autocannons, 4 Bolters, Tank Hunters

    1 Vindicator
    - Daemonic Possession, Demolisher, Pintle-Combi Bolter

    1 Predator
    - Daemonic Poessession, TL Lascanon, Lascannon Sponsons

    1 Defiler
    - Indirect Fire, Battle Cannon, Reaper Autocannon, Heavy Flamer

    Total: 1500 points (Exactly!)
    - 38 Models: 30 Troops, 4 Elites, 3 Tanks, 1 HQ.

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    Not a bad build at all. I only have a couple of comments and then a summary. Here goes.

    Have you thought about giving your troops w/ the plasma guns infiltrate? As it stands they are mainly there to deal with incoming c.c. squads. Giving them infiltrate would allow you to get closer to other ranged opponents and hopefully fire off some rapid fire rounds. This would also enable you to take infiltrate on your lord and begin launching into the much beloved first turn charge. Just a thought. I think your army looks good as it stands.

    Vindicator: Any special reason you took this model? It never performs well for me, due to the short range, as well as acting as a serious fire magnet. I would think you'd be better off with a basilisk.

    Defiler: Since this pup has Indirect Fire, why not go ahead and replace it with a basilisk (assuming you don't take the basilisk in place of the Vindicator)? In my experience, a basilisk w/ indirect fire usually fairs well enough without the added upgrades equipped on the defiler. Of course, if you're having trouble with pesky, fast moving flankers, then the defiler definitely has more staying power.

    Summary: My only concern with your build is when you're faced up against an infantry based Imperial Guard Army (this concern seems universal for most chaos builds out there). It's nigh on impossible to outgun I.G. with chaos, so you will have serious problems maintaining your momentum. If you decide to put infiltrate on your lord and the plasma troop squads, then this will definitely help your army overall.

    Good luck. It's a fine build.
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