Alrighty here is the Post-break from the imperium army for the soul Drinkers that I have been slowly working on. NOTE: will post a pre-break with the imperium later under space marines.

In this I will include an explanation to each unit. This army is from the last few chapters of The Bleeding Chalice and as such most units are in drop pod things.

MoT, D. Aura, Essence, Mutation, Speed, Visage, Dark Blade(Soulspear), Warp Focus, Warp Talisman, Twisting Path, Bolt Pistol, Bionics, Spiky Bits, FG

Sarpedon was the hardest of them all to get going. His abilities slowly come to light throughout the book and as such he was built slowly over time. He is obviously the Chapter Master and reflects a mutant Master in his wargear selection. The Aura, Speed, Mutation, Visage and Essence came from the fact that he has mutant spider legs giving him more resilience to damage than normal(as he has 8 legs opposed to 2). The Dark Blade is obviously the soulspear, enough said. The psychic items that he has try their best to reflect the Hell(not easy without FoTD). The BP is self explanitory. Bionics, FG and Spiky Bits can also be attributed to his mutation.

MoK, D. Flight, Visage, Furious Charge, Bionics, Spiky Bits, Feel No Pain, Rage of Khorne,

Tellos was rather easy to do. All I really had to do was make sure he had Feel No Pain, the MoK, Rage of Khorne, and Bionices to represent his mutation. Gave him flight so he could lead a squad of Assault Marines(Raptors) and Visage because enemies cower before him. The PW/CCW combo was spawned from his 2 CCW in the book, giving him the PW still gave him another attack and gave him the feel that he can strike vital places on the enemy.

N/A(I consider the entire army to be elite, no need for actual ones)

Squad Salk(193)
5 Man, MoCU, Move Through Cover, ML, PG, Bolters, FG, KG, AC w BP/CCW, Dreadclaw

Squad Salk was easy. I know that the ML was lost in the beginning but I needed some kind of tank buster, and I'm quite sure they would have extras. But otherwise there was just the 5 of them, they are good at moving through cover(see beginning of the book) and they had Bolters and a PG. All mounted in a drop pod(there was no way to reflect that Salk is an apothecary).

Squad Luko(257)
7 Man, MoCU, Move Through Cover, MGx2, Bolters, FG, AC w D. Strength, Melta Bombs, 2xLC, Dreadclaw

This is by far one of the coolest squads in the book. Luko, a Vet Sergeant with double Lightning Claws, What's not to like. I had no idea how many marines were in his squad so I made it a rounded number. The rest of the squad just explains itself.

Squad Graevus(169)
6 Man, MoCU, Infiltrate, BP/CCW, FG, KG, AC w PW/BP, Melta Bombs, D. Strength, Mutation

Normally supposed to be an assault squad(this is the downside of chaos...0-1 raptor squad<<is this allowed??), I was forced to put them on foot. Thus I gave them Infiltrate to reflect the normal jump packs they should have. The rest of the squad is set up as close to an assault squad as I could get them. Both kinds of grenades and some CCW/BP combos. The AC(Graevus) has an arm that allows him to twist the blade any way he wants, hence the mutation and strength.

Squad Tellos(325)
9 Man, MoCU, Furious Charge, AC w PW/BP, Melta Bombs

The most expensive unit in the army(stupid I know). But it's going to hurt if it stays alive. Pretty self explanitory. Tellos is to join this squad and wreak havoc in the enemy ranks.

TOTAL: 1303(Take out Squad Tellos and you have 1000pts:w00t: )

Well that's it so far I will add more units as I read on in the books and get more details.