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    LaTD Khornate Cavalry list

    Heh. This is actually a list I plan on taking instead of an 'experimental' list.

    I've taken LatD mutants with daemonic speed before and been very happy with the results.

    The only limitation was that I only had 20 models made up so they were limited to one squad. Therefore intelligent opponents tended to shoot that squad before it could get in.

    I picked up someones pre-assembled but unpainted lizardman army the other day to use as a base for the mutant 'cavalry.'

    I plan to cut off their lower legs, drill a hole in their lower halves, insert some copper wire coiled to look like it is in motion and long enough to fit on a cavalry base. The cover the wire with modelling putty or clay.(I'm still undecided upon which as I've typically only used clay before which has had some good results but which tends to be too brittle for repeated use.)

    Naturally the clay or putty would be sculpted to look like it is covered in scales to match the scales on the lizard mens upper torso, and voila, snake men. Errr....mutants.

    Anyways, here's the list. Its a LatD list with World Eater allies.

    I think that I may be underpricing the lord as I have an older edition of the CSM codex which has two different prices for a Juggernaught. I used the lower cost, but its undoubtedly the higher one in which case I would drop some of the collars which were a bit of an extravagance.

    The tiny FA and Heavy Support choices...

    I don't plan on accomplishing anything with them and they are only in to fit the rather clunky framework of the tourney's composition scoring which cares more that you have something in every slot than whether it is 'balanced' in any way.

    So yeah, I don't expect the 5 hounds or the three spawn to do much other than look pretty and perhaps hide in a tablequarter. They could get shot up too instead of one of the valuable squads. That would be fine as well.

    As for ranged weapons? I don't have any. Oh. I think I have some bolt pistols and a few flamers. Is this a weakness? Definately. Do I mind? Not really.

    I've taken traitor squads with lascannons (To get traitor tanks) and typically they do fine as long as they don't get shot at as they'll run away if you sneeze at them too loudly.

    However there seems to be at least one mission every tourney which allows you to pick an enemy troop squad and place it in no mans land. If that squad manages to return to your lines unbroken you pick up extra VPs and if they don't you typically lose the game.

    I'm a bit tired of trying to rescue the 5 man traitor squad with the lascannon from certain death.

    That aside, it seems very fluffy to have this much of a hth oriented Khorne list.

    Oh well the reason I'm posting it is for advice on how to improve it so I should stop defending my choices.

    Here it is at last.


    1 Chaos Lord on Juggernaught, Spawn, AoK, BP, Daemonic Aura, Collar of Khorne, Spiky Bits 156
    1 Chaos Spawn 0

    I have the Juggernaught and the Spawn already but I'm going to have to make the lord from scratch. He'll be placed with the berserker squad if at all possible to take advantage of the ToBB and the meatshields err..assistance of the berserkers. Like I said earlier I may be underpricing him.

    1 Aspiring Champion with mark of Khorne, Daemonic speed, powerfist, bolt pistol, Collar of Khorne 62
    1 Aspiring Champion with mark of Khorne, Daemonic speed, powerfist, bolt pistol, Collar of Khorne 62
    1 Aspiring Champion with mark of Khorne, Daemonic speed, powerfist, bolt pistol, Collar of Khorne 62

    I have one of these guys made up from the last tourney that I took the fast mutants with but the others will have to be made anew. The one(s) that lead the 'snake men' mutants will have to be modelled up to look similar to the mutants in repitillian ways. The colors may or may not stay in depending on whether the lord is actually more expensive.


    8 Bloodletters 208

    Can't go wrong with these guys although I wish that I had the points for a second squad of them.

    8 Berserkers, 4 Chain Axes AC, ToBB, PF, Icon, Chaos Spawn, Daemonic Visage 198
    1 Chaos Spawn 0

    Meatshields for the lord. With any luck the cavalry will get in to the enemy lines fast enough that they won't be shot up too badly.


    15 Mutants with Daemonic speed and CCW, 2 flamers, icon, Boss, power fist 214
    15 Mutants with Daemonic speed and CCW, 2 flamers, icon, Boss, power fist 214
    15 Mutants with Daemonic speed and CCW, 2 flamers, icon, Boss, power fist 214

    Simple and straightforward if a bit boring. Oh well, the models will look cool at least. They, along with their AC leaders are pretty darn dangerous against most opponents. Dedicated hth units will be trouble however.

    Fast Attack

    5 Chaos Hounds 50

    Here to fill out the army slot choice and thats it. I guess they could charge some Tau or guardsmen if it came down to it, but they'll probably be dead by then unless they get ignored.

    Heavy Support

    3 Chaos Spawn 60

    See above but a bit more durable if slower. They probably won't get out of my table quarter but I guess they can claim or contest it since the rest of my units will be elsewhere.

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