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    Tell me about your 500pt EC lists! Rate mine!

    I am now clearly traveling down the path of the damned. Here is my first attempt at a semi-fluffy 500pt EC list. I play Tyranids so vehicle rules are sorta new to me, but I am interested in the Tank Shock, Warp Amp/Rune Tactic. So far I have the CC squad modeled as well as the Rhino built. Everything else is open. I don’t see myself building up a 1500 pt EC list real soon but in the meantime I want a solid 500 pts for smaller games, where Tyranids are challenging. Open to all advice and comments.

    HQ: Chaos Lt., MoS, Dark Blade, Demon Aura, Demon Visage =95


    Combat Squad=166
    -5 CSM, MoS, 1 Plasma gun, 3 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster -
    -AC, BP, Power Fist-

    Fire Support Squad=238
    -5 CSM, MoS, 4 BP/CCW, 1 Melta Gun, Frags -
    -AC, BP, Power Weapon, Dem Str, Dem Mut-
    -Chaos Rhino, Warp Amp, Blasph Rune, Smoke Launcher-

    I'd appreciate seeing your lists as well, helps me tweak and adjust mine. Tanks-all

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    Four days without a reply...shameful isn't it.

    Warp Amp & Tank Shock: Not many people use this configuration. I suppose it's due to its conditional and expensive nature. I'm glad to see someone trying it out, though, it's a serious point sink in a 500 point game.

    Overall, you're army has pretty good synergy, what, with the daemonic visage combined with warp amp.

    H.Q.: Good, cheap lord. If you find that you're lacking the points to complete other squads in the future, then I would certainly harvest them from the points spent on daemonic aura.

    Troop Squad 1: Switch the power fist for a power weapon and daemonic strength. This accomplishes 2 things: one, it preserve the warp scream mechanic on your a.c.. and allows him to strike first against other marines; 2, in small squads, you don't want to be left waiting for your a.c. to strike at init 1, while your opponent is hammer you at a higher init. In larger squads, this typically isn't a problem, because there are enough wounds to support the fist.

    Troop Squad 2: You need another blastmaster. General rule: Always max out your special/heavy weapons in troop squads (lascannon sniper is perhaps the one exception). Since the rhino has 2 fire-hatches, you will be able to fire both the melta gun and the blastermaster, while the rhino is on the move. This will greatly improve your overall firepower. Plus, the blastmaster is perfect synergy with a c.c. squad.
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