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    Black Legion (Khornish) 1000 pt.

    So, I had the fortune to play a pretty big game of Warhammer today, and in light of the fact that I was playing with my tank loving friends I decided to play Black Legion, and I was wondering what you thought of my list (we turned it into a 2v2, me and the T'au versus lots of marines, with some fluff amounting to the enemy of your enemy is your friend with some nuances) It totals 1001 points if I did the math correctly, and if it makes a difference we won, but that was probably more due to the T'au.

    [110] Chaos Lieutenant
    MoK, lightning claws, dæmonic mutation, spiky

    First turn eliminates Librarian's entire veteran retinue in one go while some berzerkers draw fire, second turn is pwnt by the Librarian.

    [205] Khorne Berzerkers (eight)
    All: MoK, chainaxes, frags
    AC: MoK, power fist, dæmonic mutation, frags

    [195] Khorne Berzerkers (eight)
    All: MoK, chainaxes, frags
    AC: MoK, power fist, frags

    These died under fire in the first two turns, except for one Champion (coincidentally the one with mutation), who wandered off and killed a single storm trooper. In retrospect I probably should have played Plague Marines instead.

    Heavy Support:
    [155] Predator Destructor Pattern
    autocannon/lascannons, mutated hull,

    This survived the entire game, and was probably my MVP, maybe tied with one of the havoc squads (it took out the dæmonhunter's Russ & Grand Master, as well as the Blood Angel's Librarian, to name a few. It made a little more than 500 total points back. Yikes.)

    [168] Chaos Havocs (six)
    MoCU, autocannons (three), tank hunters

    [168] Chaos Havocs (six)
    MoCU, autocannons (three), tank hunters

    One of them took a single casualty, and the other went down to two autocannons until they ran away.

    Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions!

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