Word Bearers 2000 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Word Bearers 2000

    I have some wierd idea:

    Daemon Prince [192]
    (stature, strenght, mutation, MoU, accursed crozius, flight, spiky bits, frag granades, furious charge, ccw)

    Lieutenant [165]
    (bike, MoU, furious charge, plasma gun, power weapon, armour, aura, icon)

    5 CSM [95]
    (missile launcher, plasma gun, MoU)
    Rhino [58]
    (smoke launcher, extra armour)

    6 Bloodletters [156]

    6 Bloodletters [156]

    7 Flamers [161]

    2 Obliterators [140]

    4 Chosen [212]
    (MoU, daemon icon, 3x bolt pistol + ccw, plasma pistol, frag granades, furious charge)
    Asp. Champion #1
    (power fist, bolt pistol)
    Asp. Champion #2
    (power weapon, bolt pistol, strenght)
    Rhino [63]
    (smoke launcher, dozer blade, extra armour)

    5 Raptors [257]
    (MoU, furious charge, flamer)
    Asp. Champion
    (2xlightning claws, mutation)

    6 Mounted Daemonettes [168]

    Defiler [175]
    (indirect fire)

    Daemonettes are in daemon icon. Chosen squad rides in rhino and disemabrk and hiding behind rhino in 1st turn. At the begining of 2nd turn chosens releasing daemonettes, who can charge immediately. And I know that accursed crozius isn't best choice for daemon prince, but I think he really need 4+ inv save

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