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    40K Chaos Army List; please help!

    ok well this is my 1st army list and looking at everone else my army seems very overpriced so i would love all comments. Thanks a bunch i am not afraid of any critsism and it is probably illegal so PLZ HELP TY
    Chaos Lord-60pts Basic
    --------------Kai Gun
    --------------lighning claw
    -------------------Deamonic Mutation
    -------------------Deamonic Strength
    ------------------------Spiky Bits
    ------------------------Terminator armour
    ------------------------mark of chaos undivided
    Rhino------------50pts Basic
    -------------------------Extra Armour
    -------------------------Smoke Launchers
    CC space Marines-112pts Basic

    ----------------------------Aspring champion
    ---------------------------Power Fist
    ---------------------------Plasma Pistol
    Upgrades for all of them:
    Furious Charge---------
    mark of chaos undivided
    Mounted in Rhino--------
    Choas Marines-----------112pts basic
    ----------------------------Heavy Bolter
    ----------------------------Plasma gun
    ---------------------------------Aspring champion
    ---------------------------------Power fist
    ---------------------------------Plasma pistol
    Chaos Bikes-102pts Basic
    ---------------Plasma gun insted of twin linked bolters
    -------------------Aspring Champion
    -------------------Power sword
    -------------------------deamonic mutation
    Chaos Dreadnought-75pts Basic
    ------------------------Twin Linked Lascannons
    -------------------------------parasetic posession

    now what i spend extras on

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    Killslashkill.. welcome aboard!

    Ok then.. now before we start, it's really important not to quote exact points costs on the site. This breaks copy right laws and thus gets us into trouble with GW - so please edit your post!

    Right.. the list;

    Chaos Lord-XXpts Basic
    --------------Kai Gun XXpts
    --------------Power Fist XXpts
    -------------------Deamonic Mutation XXpts
    -------------------Deamonic Strength XXpts
    ------------------------Spiky Bits XXpts
    ------------------------Terminator armour xXpts
    That's a lot of bling for the guy. Let's work on him.
    Ok.. Independant Characters (ICs) should never have powerfists (largely speaking), this is because it's a waste of their great initiative, and they can always be targetted in Close combat so are likely to get splatted before they can ever use the thing.

    Also.. it's tempting, but generally not a good idea to make your HQ a jack of all trades. So i'd suggest swapping the power fist for a power weapon and getting him a Mark of chaos undivided.

    Rhino------------XXpts Basic
    ------------------Combi Flamer XXpts
    -------------------------Dozer BladeXpts
    -------------------------Extra Armour Xpts
    -------------------------Parasite Posseion XXpts
    -------------------------Smoke Launchers Xpts
    CC space Marines-112pts Basic
    ----------------------chain swords Xpts
    ----------------------Bolt Pistols Xpts
    ----------------------------Aspring champion XXpts
    ---------------------------Power Fist XXpts
    ---------------------------Plasma Pistol XXpts
    Upgrades for all of them:
    Furious Charge---------XXpts
    Counter attack----------XXpts
    Mounted in Rhino--------XXpts
    Ok ok.. way too expensive on some of the upgrades here

    Firstly,, the rhino. Get rid of parasitic possession and the combi flamer, and consider losing dozer blades. The rhino is likely probably to only go 12" in it's entire life. Don't worry about trying to protect it beyong smokes and extra armour.

    The squad.. ok.. marines come automatically with a close combat weapon and choice of bolter/bolt pistol - don't pay for them again!

    I would lose the PLASMA PISTOL on the champion (remember he comes with a free bolt pistol). This is because it sucks to lose an expensive model because of your own shooting attack.

    good god, i don't believe i advised someone to get rid of a power fist on an aspiring champion.. HAVE I THE BRAIN WORMS?

    As they're mounted in a rhino, i would lose counter attack and instead give them Mark of Chaos undivided - very usefull for assault squads.

    Ok.. with the extra points from the combi flamer and plasma pistol , instead but two melta guns for your squad. E voila. A dangerous and mobile assault based squad that can easily take out a dreadnought or vehicle too.

    Choas Marines-----------112pts basic
    ----------------------------Bolters XXpts
    ----------------------------Heavy Bolter Xpts
    ----------------------------Plasma gun XXpts
    ---------------------------------Aspring champion XXpts
    ---------------------------------Power fistXXpts
    ---------------------------------Plasma pistol XXpts
    great squad. Once again. consider dropping the P.pistol on the aspiring champion. if he really wants a toy, give him mutation, for more power fist goodness.

    well composed squad though.

    Chaos Bikes-102pts Basic
    ---------------Plasma gun insted of twin linked bolters XXpts
    -------------------Aspring Champion XXpts
    -------------------Power sword XXpts
    -------------------------spiky bitsXXpts
    Ok. these bikers are nicely set up. I would advise you to remove spikey bits and instead use daemonic mutation on the champion - it's more effective if you think about it and it costs the same.
    remember, you don't need to by CC weapons for your boys!

    consider skilled riders for them. if possible, i would try and get a couple more bikers too.

    Chaos Dreadnought-XXpts Basic
    ------------------------Twin Linked Lascannons XXpts
    -------------------------------Mutated hull XX0pts
    Ok. Good set up for a dreadnought. That'll be a tough cookie to crack alright.
    personally, I'd take daemonic possession over mutated hull, so she takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. But it really is your call. Chaos dreads are great fun!

    Overall, it's in the right direction.
    I'm not sure about the Lord.. what did you imagine him doing?
    Also.. have you thought about using furies instead of bikers? At this small point level, i really think taht the body count will help you greatly.

    Best of luck, and if you have any more questions, Papa Karmoon is always here to help. (rather sad isn't it?)
    Last edited by Karmoon; March 27th, 2007 at 17:17.
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    plz go into your channel

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