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    [100] and [1500] IW points list tourney

    hiya guys these to lists are based for mechanised asault. i need too be ripped apart as his tounament is quite important to me. thanks in advance for any feedback


    liueftenant-power weapon, bolt pistol, mutation 76pts


    3x aspiring champ-powerfist, visage, mocu
    3x 7 marines- bp, ccw,mocu 2 meltas 170x3 510pts

    3x rhino- extra armour, smoke launchers 58ptsx3 174pts

    Heavy support

    dreadnought-plasma canon, dccw 115pts

    dreadnought-tllc, dccw 125pts

    1500 pts


    Lord-darkblade, resilience, aura, mutation, bolt pistol, mocu 131pts

    possedx7 161pts ( to acopmany the lord, brilliant base stas for there points) 161pts

    rhino, extra armour, smoke launchers 58pts


    same as last list

    Heavy support

    " dreadnoughts as last list

    predator x 2 autocannon and heavybolters 110x2 220pts


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    Hi there,
    I won't comment on the entire list as I will leave that for one of the more qualified members to tackle. However the list does seams quite solid over all. Managing to keep with the mechanised theame and cover all of its bases. Although that said, it might be a good idea to try and find the Pts to squeze in a bit more long range anti-tank weaponary. I admire the way you have gone for a high model count of no frills units.

    Quote Originally Posted by stoned_grot View Post
    Heavy support

    predator x 2 autocannon and heavybolters 110x2 220pts
    I quite like this set up, and it is one I use in my IW list. I also happen to use 2 as well, and find that they provide a cheap mobile firebase. The best uses of them I find is to use the pair to refuse a flank against the section of his army with the least long range anti-tank weapons. Also just having a bit of armour on the board gives you that many more options.

    just my 2 cents - Ronin
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    AX7 for the win, and praise be; their new album is godly!!

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