400 CP Black Legion tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    400 CP Black Legion tourney

    Well the tournaments done and over with me tying for 2nd but I thought I'd share my list with you guys since I had success with it.

    8xChaos space marines
    -bold pistol/CCW
    -Mark of Chaos Undivided
    -Power weapon
    -Mark of Chaos Undivided


    The furies did quite well, killing lots of guys but didn't really survive to the end in most of the battles, the havocs killed lots and were never touched the entire tourney except a couple of tank shocks by the devilfish and the troops did fine.

    I had a crushing victory against witch hunters with allied grey knights, and against imperial guard with a chimera w/vets and a platoon with 2 autocannons i think
    I had a crushing deafeat against a tau army with 3 pirhanas, 6 fire warriors and a devilfish with lots of upgrades.
    And I had a victorious slaughter in a 2v2 team battle at the end against the witch hunters again and another IG army, my ally was the IG army I previously beat.

    Comments and feedback appreciated, if you think theres somewhere I can improve on for future games fell free to let me know.

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    It's a good list. The only things you may want to include are a plasma gun or two (in substitute of the flamer). This will great help against skimmers and 3+ armies. Also, your troop squad would have greatly benefit from infiltrate, especially when faced against ranged armies. You could harvest points by dropping your havocs down to 5 (as you said, they were hardly touche) and then dropping your furies down to 7.

    Against c.c. opponents, such as Nids and Dark Eldar, you may have some trouble, due to the lack of mid-range support. Bolters help fix this problem, but then again, bolters would hinder your c.c. abilities. For this reason, plague marines often bridge the gap between mid-range support and c.c. units. However, I wouldn't recommend plague marines, as it would entirely change your the structure of your build.

    Overall, a fine list.
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