Ok I'm gonna try to put together an allround army list for my noisy marines for friendly games mostly. I've tried this list in lower points in different variations and been very successful on average. Lots of wins against SM's, Orks and Eldar, but no wins whatsoever against the most hated Sisters of Battle, who have become my prime concern. So here it is:

Chaos Lord & Retuine - 349 pts
MoS, Terminator Armour, CC weapon
Ether Lance, Combat Drugs

4 Terminator Retuine
1 Power Fist, 2 Sonic blasters, 1 Blastmaster

Pricey but i like them (especially the Lord). Never survives, but always attracts a lot more enemy fire than they are worth. Often deepstrikes.

Chaos Lieutenant - 101 pts
MoS, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Teleport Homer
Daemonic Strength

6 Possessed Marines & Rhino - 275 pts
MoS, Daemonic Talons
Free Champion
Doom Siren

Dedication to Slaanesh, Smoke Launcher

Often the best performing unit actually, finishing off the enemy when my other squads have been exhausted.

12 Noise Marines - 248 pts

MoS, 9 bolters, 1 Blastmaster, 1 Plasma Gun
Free Champion

At the centre of the battle, advancing togeher with the defiler, rhino and predator.

6 Daemonettes - 90 pts

6 Daemonettes - 90 pts

6 Noise Marines - 139 pts
MoS, BP+CC weapon
Free Champion
Power Weapon, Daemonic Strength, Doom Siren

6 Noise Marines - 149 pts
MoS, BP+CC weapon
Free Champion
Power Weapon, Daemonic Strength, Master-Crafted Plasma pistol

My close combat squads, running between cover to suicide into dangerous enemy squads and summons the Daemonettes.

Defiler - 160 pts
Havoc Launcher

Fire magnet, advancing to wherever the most enemy units are deployed. I take great pride in not using indirect fire. But it is an option.

Predator - 145 pts
TL Lascannons, Lascannon sponsons, Smoke launcher

Blowing up armoured targets.

Models in Army: 51

Total Army Cost: 1749

I'm a bit tempted to add 2 Obliterators and go Black Legion instead of EC. Have also thought about adding more rhinos, and perhaps adding havocs with Blastmasters and/or Heavy Bolters. I'm beginning to get tired of not ever winning against Sisters, so thats where I need most advice. All their heavy weapons seems made for destruction of Noise Marines. My friend uses lots of multi meltas, an exorcist, arco-flagellants, and lots of troop transports.