[B]Night Lords[B]
Lord 177
Mark undivided, furious charge, frag, demonic aura, mutation, demonic strength, demon armor, visage, spikey bits, demonic flight, stealth adapt, pw, close combat weapon.

Troops 8 CC marines 220
ccw, 2 meltas, undivided, furious charge, Infiltrate. AC: PW, mutation
Troops 8 CC marines 196
same as the other squad with rhino instead of infiltrate
Rhino 103: dirge caster, smoke, mutated hull, dozer blade

Fast Attack
8 Raptors 282
3 flamers, undivided, furious charge. AC: PW, Mutation
8 Raptors 294
3 meltas, undivided, furious charge. AC: PW, Mutation
10 furies 150
6 Bikes 271
melta, flamer, skilled rider, undivided. AC: PW, Mutation

5 Havocs 195
2 las, 2 missle, tank hunters

All troops, raptors, and havocs have stealth adapt: 37