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    1500 Alpha Legion Fun

    Here is my Alpha Legion list, please keep in mind this is more of a fun army that has a LOT of conversion possibilities!

    HQ: Chaos Lord, D. Speed, Spiky Bits, Infiltrate, BP, Frag, Dark Blade - 117

    Elite: Chosen AC #1 - D. Speed, Fur. Charge, Infiltrate, D. Strength Lightning Claws
    Chosen AC #2 - D. Speed, Fur. Charge, Infiltrate, Sorcerer, Wind of Chaos, BP, P.Weapon
    Chosen AC #3 - D. Speed, Fur. Charge, Infiltrate, Power Fist, BP
    Chosen AC #4 - D. Speed, Fur. Charge, Infiltrate, D. Strength Power Weapon, BP
    Chosen AC #5 - D. Speed, Fur. Charge, Infiltrate, D. Strength, Mutation, Spiky Bits, D. Talons

    338 pts total

    Troops: 315 pts

    3x of the following squad - 5x Chaos Marine, Mark Undivided, Infiltrate, Lascannon, Plasma Gun

    Heavy Support:

    2x Havoc squads, 8 CSM, 4x Autocannon, Infiltrate, Tank Hunter - 464 pts

    Dreadnought, 2 CCW, Mutated Hull, D. Possesion - 140 pts

    Total- 1495

    Basically, I want to have a "mounted" unit, the Chosen and Lord will be centaur like and have the various attributes modeled accordingly. The Dread would also be fun to model the CCWs. I know this army would have its difficulties, but might be fun to play. It's all about CC with the Chosen and Dread with cover from the CSMs and Havocs. Ideas welcome both on the army and conversion ideas. Thanks!

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    If you are set on keeping the chose then ditch the power fist on AC #3 as you want to wipe out anything before they can hit you back and it also negates the bonus of FC. This unit is very very squishy and you are likely to lose them early on but as long as you realize this then I think you're ok.

    The rest of the army looks good!

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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