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    2000 Point Black Legion (Khorne)

    This is using every model I have available for Chaos. So, this is to see how well you think the list will perform, and which upgradse are/arent worth it. Last night, I completely beat Blood angels. We're playing the Vogen Campaign, and I had a Fortification. we just used the WHFB castle pieces to make a small forttress, and agreed that it would count as a bunker (14 AV, 3+ cover save).I lost the dreadnought, the lord and the lieutenant (however, the Lord made his points back), and maybe 6 Berzerkers and 3 CSMs. For a smaller game, what should I drop? besides the numerous excesssive upgrades on the dread.

    202-Lord with (Daemon Prince)
    Daemonic giftstature, Speed, armor, resilience, Dark Blade
    Wargear:CCW, Frags, mark of Khorne, Furious Charge, Spiky Bits, Master Crafted(dark Blade)

    136-Lt with
    Daemonic Gifts: Flight, Armor, Strength
    Wargear: Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, infiltrate, spiky bits

    230- 7 Khorne Berzerkers with:
    frags, Chainaxes, Furious Charge. AC with Powerfist, ToBB, Furious Charge, Strength

    240- 7 Khorne Berzerkers with:
    frags, Chainaxes, Furious Charge. AC with Powerfist, ToBB, Furious Charge, Strength, Spiky Bits

    254- 7 Khorne Berzerkers with:
    frags, Chainaxes, Furious Charge. AC with Lightning Claws, ToBB, Furious Charge, Strength, Spiky Bits

    172- 7 Chaos Spaec Marines with
    Frags, infiltrate, bolt pistol+CCW. AC with powerfist and BP, Frags, infiltrate

    233-4 Raptors with
    Furious Charge, Infiltrate. AC with Lightning Claws, SPiky Bits, Strength.

    246- 8 Havocs with
    Tankhunters, 2 Autocannons, 2 Lascannons

    177 Dreadnought with 2 CCWs, Heavy Flamer, Destroyer, Daemonic possession, Mutated Hull

    110 Predator with Autocannon, 2 Heavy Bolters.

    Well, there it is.

    How many guardsmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    None, their lasguns work fine.

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    First things first: Your points a little off on some of your squads.

    I'm not sure how to critique your list, mainly because I'm not sure if you have access to more models, or if these are the only ones you will be using. I'm going to go ahead and make suggestions for general improvement, some of which will extend outside of your current model collection:

    General observations: I like this build, because it is essentially a World Eaters army that takes advantage of Black Legion rules. I imagine your Khorne lord as having realized that he wants to employ other things besides berzerkers and bloodletters, and therefore has opened himself to using raptors, havocs and what naught. I've done something silimlar with Nurgle.

    Overall, your army is a little light on its tank busting ability, and what you do have isn't geared as cost effective as it could be.

    Statured Prince: The good thing is that he should hopefully soak up some of the range fire that would normally be devoted towards killing your vehicles. For this reason daemonic armor works quite well. Most of the time, I highly discourage players from taking the armor, because it's generally not worth it; in your case it works rather well, especially if your prince is expecting to receive lots of high strength, low a.p. hate. However, there are a number of upgrades that you can do without. I'll cover them in turn:

    1- Darkblade: While this is one of the best pieces of equipment in the game bar none, it doesn't have a place on a statured prince. You're paying 25 points for a plus two to your strength, but you're not gaining the benefits of the power weapon, due to the monstrous creature mechanic of daemonic stature. What's more, anything more than a 6 strength is usually overkill, as most princes take on infantry; and most infantry have at most a 4 toughness. Against vehicles, the statured prince already has a 2d6, so the darkblade is again usually overkill. The best use of a dark blade on a statured prince is against other monstrous creatures. If you face a lot of these, then it can be good. My suggestion would be to drop the dark blade in favor of daemonic strength. The 6 strength is ample. Really, it is.

    2- Master crafted: It's too expensive for what it does. For 15 points, you could take mutation, though it, too, is rather expensive for chaos lords & lieuts. You'd be better off saving the points here and on the darkblade for additional upgrades on other parts of your list (we'll get to this later). In all, for your lord, dual c.c. weapons is just fine and very cheap- a goodt thing to be sure.

    3- Furious charge: I'm not a fan of this upgrade for most statured lords, as you're usually already hitting first with the 5 init, and the +1 strength is often wasted, since the statured prince already has either a six or seven strength. If you're facing enemies with high init's then it can be good, but there again, furious charge is alwasy (ALWAYS) a conditional upgrade that only sometimes comes into play.

    Chaos Lieut: Looks pretty good. However, my advice would be to drop him entirely. For the most part, chaos isn't geared for taking two h.q's. More often than not, the points should be spent on other areas of your army. I believe this applies very much so to your build. I'll show you some places where your army could use some more attention a little later on.


    Zerkers: Looks fine. I must add a note of caution to taking furious charge on every one of these squads. It's expensive, and you're not likely to get the charge off on every single one of them. What's more, a good number of these models are going to be taken out at range, which further results in wasted points on furious charge. I would suggest taking furious charge on only two of the three squads. Some people will only take it on one squad, but this nearly always result in that particular squad being taken out at range, due to it clearly being more powerful. Strategically, if it were me, I would have your spearhead zerker squad without furious charge, and then the two zerkers with furious charge following shortly thereafter. This forces your opponent into a quandary, as he/she must now chose whether to take out at range the lead zerker squad, or to take out one of the zerker squads with furious charge. Ideally, your opponent will want to gun down the ones with furious charge, but necessity will demand that he/she focuses on the one in front. In any case, you're going to lose one squad to range, and this tactic that I laid out minimizes your point los by 'forcing' your opponent to fire at the one in front, thus preserving your zerkers with furious charge. Wow, that was a rather lengthy explanation.

    I'm guessing that d. strength & spik bits were added as point fillers, once your army was completed. While spiky bits is nice, I definitely would drop strength, as it only helps against vehicles and ocassional 7-8 toughness monstrous creature. Also, there are other parts of your army that could use the point investment (again, we'll get to that later).

    Chaos Marines: Drop frags. Very rarely will you actually need frags on all of your units. In my experience, only one to two squads need frags, unless you happen to face terrain that is perfectly aligned so as to allow your opponent to place all of his ranged units behind cover. In reality, this never happens. Overall, the squad looks good. The only thing missing are two special weapons. I would suggest melta guns, as your army is somewhat lacking in the tank busting department. General rule: Always take your max number of special weapons in c.c. squads. It empowers them to tank hunt with melta guns, or to take down heavily armored troops, as is the cast with plasma guns. For 20 points, it's virtually an automatic upgrade.

    Raptors: Add a couple of melta guns for the reasons stated above. You can also increase their numbers to between six and eight, but this will likely draw too much attention from incoming ranged fire. I like the fact that they are a small unit, because they have a better chance at hiding behind cover and not being targeted at range. That being the case, they are a little too small to be an effective c.c. support team. You don't have enough wounds to protect your a.c.. So, you could either make them strictly a tank busting unit, in which case you could drop everything but infiltrate and take two melta guns, or you could increase their numbers to between six and eight (here's where some of those extra points come in).

    Havocs: It's generally not a good idea to mix heavy weapons. The lascanon, for one, is much too expensive to justify taking in a havoc squad. You'd be better off just taking four autocannons. On this note, you could use a second one of these units. Here's the other place where some of those extra points could come in handy.

    Dreadnought: Drop him, to say it bluntly. Dreads simply are not effective for chaos, save for city fights.
    However, if you want to keep the dread, then here are some other scenarios to consider: You have plenty of c.c. in your troop slots. Dreads have always had difficult filling the c.c. role, as they are slow, and your opponent can wait to take them out. You see, since the dread only moves six inches and has no serious ranged weaponry, your opponent can low his/her priority for taking it out, and focus on your predator. Once the predator is destroyed, he/she can then devoted his tank busting units towards your dreadnought. My advice would be to only take daemonic possession or mutated hull. On dreads, both work well. Then, give the pup an autocannon or plasma gun. I prefer the autocannon, beause of it's superior range, dual shots, and twin-linked aspect. It's one of the most underrated options for chaos dreads, but I think it is actually the best option for its point cost. By all means, don't take the lascanon. For it's price, you can by a bride from Russia and still have money for a honeymoon.

    Predator: In general, a chaos army either needs to focus on vehicles or none at all. At the 2000 point cap, it's too easy for your opponent to take down your vehicles. So, either take more preds and support them with rhinos, which block line of sight, or don't take any preds at all. In substitute for this predator, I would seriously recommend taking three obliterators. They will unleash more firepower and have more diversity. Honestly, the obliterator is hands down our strongest unit in the game.

    Other suggestions: Why aren't you taking advantage of bloodletters?

    I'm also going to post a general Black Legion build with Khorne influence that I sometimes use just to show you some other options. This is a rather competitive build and has always performed for me. Unlike most players, I actually report honest statistics. With this build here are my win/loss/tie records: 10/6/7.

    Chaos Lord: 155
    MoK, bike, darkblade, spiky bits, aura & frage grenades
    Note: The bike is a wonderful option for the non-statured khorne lord. It provides a 12" movement, a +1 strength, a +1 attack & a turbo-boosting option. Geeze, that's a fine price for all of those things!

    Elites: 210 points
    3x obliterators

    Troops: 1188

    8x berzerkers w/ chain axes & Knornate Icon
    *7x zerkers
    *1x a.c. with power fist & talisman of the burning blood

    8x berzerkers w/ chain axes & Knornate Icon
    *7x zerkers
    *1x a.c. with power fist & talisman of the burning blood

    8x berzerkers w/ chain axes & Knornate Icon
    *7x zerkers
    *1x a.c. with power fist & talisman of the burning blood

    8x berzerkers w/ chain axes & Knornate Icon
    *7x zerkers
    *1x a.c. with power fist & talisman of the burning blood

    8x bloodletters

    8x bloodletters

    Heavy: 440 points

    8x havocs with tank hunter
    *4x havocs with bolters
    *4x havocs with autocannons

    8x havocs with tank hunter & MoCU
    *4x havocs with bolters
    *4x havocs with autocannons

    Note: The MoCU on the second havoc suqad allows this unit to have a chaos icon. This protects my flank by giving me the option of reinforcing my long ranged support with daemons, in case of an enemy deep striking unit or fast attack.

    Note: This build is easily adaptable to the 1850 point mark. I drop one squad of zerkers & 1 squad of bloodletters. I take two of the following squads:

    6x chaos marines with MoCU & infiltrate
    *4x chaos marines w/ bolters
    *2x chaos marines w/ plasma guns
    (These squads are perfect for supporting berzerkers)

    TOTAL POINTS: 1994
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