I've been piecing together a Lost and the Damned list over the past 6 months now, and I'm fairly well settled on the basic core of the list. What I'm trying to do now is figure out what its weaknesses are so that I can try and mitigate those weaknesses. As such, what I'd like to do is post the core of my army as well as a few ideas I have in mind for additions.

What I'd like to know is where I may be weak (against hordes, against shooty Tau (not that I've heard of any other kind of Tau), etc.) An extra bonus would be possible solutions, but I'm mostly concerned in locating the weaknesses. I have a particular look I'm going for with this army, so picking particular units is probably going to need to be a fairly personal decision. As such, I'm not really bothering with points, but as a rough guide the core should come in around 1500 points and I'm looking for a 'full' list of 2000 points.

Word Bearers Dark Apostle
-Accursed Crozius & Demagouge (to keep some rabble in line)

2x LatD Aspiring Champions
-Power Fist, Bolt Pistol

-20x Mutant w/ CCW
-2x Mutant with Heavy Stubber
-1x Latd AC (as above)

-12x Traitor w/ Lasgun
-2x Traitor in Lascannon Crew
-1x Traitor w/ Plasma Gun
-1x LatD AC (as above)

2x Traitors
-7x Traitor w/ Lasgun
-2x Traitor in Lascannon Crew
-1x Traitor w/ Plasma Gun

2x Word Bearers CSMs
-7x CSM w/ BP & CCW
-1x CSM w/ Special Weapon (I'm not sure about this guy)
-1x CSM w/ Lascannon (I fully expect these to be wasted in half of my games)
-1x CSM AC w/ Power Fist & BP

Fast Attack:
2x Sentinel (in 1 or 2 units, depending)

Heavy Support:
-Standard layout

Leman Russ Battle Tank
-Heavy Bolter sponsons & hull-mount, extra armor

So, what are some of my thoughts?
-Add a mutant boss to the mutant squad to get a second power fist in there.

-Possibly do the same with the 15 man traitor squad. It's very iffy, but I -have- used this squad as a CC squad before against IG.

- Add MOCU to the LatD champions. I'm not sure if it's worth it, considering how expensive the mark is for LatD units

- Add a third heavy support choice. I'm probably looking at an Exorcist which is obviously not a legal choice, but it fits into my theme well and isn't particularly cheesy (IMO.) An alternative is to field a second Leman Russ. If I do go with the Exorcist, I fully intend on picking up a cheap Basilisk and painting it in day-glo colors to use in case anyone throws a stink about the Exorcist. That should summarize my opinion on the subject nicely.

- Add another close combat squad. I'm leaning towards using a squad of demons over a third space marine squad. I go back and forth on using Berzerkers or Furies, and I'm leaning towards the Furies as I think my army can handle armies with lots of 2/3+ saves fairly well, making all those power weapons overkill.

- Drop the Dark Apostle. I'm spending roughly 100 points to keep 240 points of infantry in line. Considering that even if I give the DA infiltration, needing to keep the two units close cuts down on the value of infiltration, I may want to just use two LatD ACs for similar points and get two more hidden power fists. That should probably make MEQ armies unhappy once they hit my lines, if nothing else. Another possibility is to drop the leadership buffs entirely, possibly stripping the squad size down a bit to make it less of a points investment. I expect the large traitor squad and the mutant squad to take most of the poor-AP fire anyways.

Well, hopefully there's some feedback. If not, well, at least I thought some stuff through while I was writing this out. Thanks.