1850 Lost And the Damned Army list
I was planning on using this list at an upcoming tournment at my local gaming store
the last time i took my LatD i had trouble taking down, tanks and MCs especially Big 'Nids, so i included a chosen plasma squad of death and 2 las-plas squads. the hounds and the lord should be able to assault turn 2 and buy the mutants enough time to get close to 10 power fist attacks each on the charge!!!:yes: Furies are also new to me, but they seem to fit this list.

HQ: Chaos Aspiring Champions; Power Fist; Daemonic Mutation x 3

Chaos Lieutenant ; MoN, Demonic speed, Manreaper, frags, Demonic strengh,

Troops: -
Mutants x 21; Icon, Boss with Powerfist
Mutants x 21; Boss with Powerfist
Traitors x 8 ; Autocannon, Heavy stubber
Traitors x 8 ; Autocannon, Heavy stubber

5x marines: Lascannon, Plasma
5x marines: Lascannon, Plasma
9x Chosen, champ, Power weapon, Plasma Pistol, 3 plasma guns
w/ -special icon- in Rhino w/ extra armour

Fast Attack
10x chaos hounds
10x chaos hounds
10x Furies
Heavy support
Basilisk, indirect fire
Leman Russ -heavy bolters-

comments welcome!