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    2000 chaos dwarfs - please comment!!!


    If anyone can comment on this list, id would be appreciated. i wrote it up after that post about how powerful they really were, though i think its hard to see at first. anyway, here goes.

    H - Sorcerer lord
    level 3

    H - Bull centaur hero - 110
    Great weapon, H Armour, shield

    H - Sorcerer
    level 2

    H - Sorcerer
    level 1

    C - 20 x Chaos dwarfs - 210
    Hand weapon, shield, heavy armour, full command

    C - 20 x Chaos dwarfs - 250
    great weapon, shield, heavy armour, full command

    C - 16 x Chaos dwarfs - 222
    Hand weapon, blunderbuss, heavy armour, full command

    C - 10 x Hobgoblin wolfboyz - 140
    Handweapon, shield, musician, champion

    C - 20 x Hobgoblins - 90
    Handweapon, shield, Full command

    S - 15 x Black Orcs - 213
    Greataxe, full command

    S - 2 x Hobgoblin bolt throwers

    S - Death rocket

    R - Earthshaker

    R - 5 x Bullcentaurs - 160
    Greataxe, h armour, shield, standard, champion, warbanner

    TOTAL 2000

    cheers, tim

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    Not bad, but you have a major shortage of magic items...Also, I would always take a Lord over a Sorcerer Lord.

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    throw out that sorcerer, and use the combat lord, with the new edition i wouldnt worry about magic all to much, i think a scroll caddy would be sufficient or two [depending on who ur going up against, lm=2 elves=2 dwarfs=0, use ur common sense], if u have the model please put ur lord on a taurus, these things are AMAZING, not as big as dragon so theyll be -slightly- easier to hide and they can fly :shifty: [a bull flying!], rip apart warmachines, skirmishers.
    oh and they also have a breath attack [great for gobbos skaven low toughness units]

    sneaky gits are alot better flankers than hobbos so i would switch those out and you could use gnoblars for them or gobbos [people are sometimes against using the gnoblars but i think its suitable even if the git models were hobbos but w/e]

    black hammer of hashut on your lord would be good along with armour of gazrakh:yes:

    personally i would take two units of blunderbusses [stand and shoot with those things, theyll rip through almost anything] and two units of great axes

    ill be posting a new chaos dwarf list thatll incorporate my ideas if you want to take a look, it'll be up today or tommorrow :rolleyes:

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