Ok, fluff town in appleboneland again. I’ve been looking at a mate’s writing, and decided to do a Chaos Dwarf amy list based on it. It’s really not supposed to be competitive, so don’t knock it on that. Rather, pick what would seem cool to have in the list, what sounds like it should work in warhammer written fantasy. Ok? Ok.

First up is the obligatory Chaos dwarf hero, Malict. He got the BO that’s worse than a river troll, an accent thicker than tar, and bad attitude to match. However, that aside, he can be a brilliant tactician, but that’s more by accident than anything else. I gave this mean guy a great weapon (a dwarf without a big axe just isn’t right&#33, and heavy armour. I figure he doesn’t need much more equipment wise to show his character, just an appropriate model. He’ll be leading the chaos dwarf contingent of the army. 16 dwarves with big axes and full command would be excellent, as well as a unit of 15 blunderbusses and an earthshaker to demonstrate the chaos dwarven tech.

Next will be the bull centaur section. Who can possibly not love the idea of ugly brutes charging terrified infantry. To lead them, we got the brutally stupid and stupidly brutal Hak. He takes the black hammer of hashut with him onto the field, as well as heavy armour. This nifty bit of gear gets him effectively a great weapon without the strikes last penalties. Can’t imagine a big guy like him will have a hard time swinging round a big mace. He’ll also be leading the regiment of 9 bull centaurs, all with heavy armour, along with a champion and a standard bearer. These are the ones that get the hardest fights eg. Anything with the words chaos, or heavy cavalry built into the description. They should be enough to paste them, man to snorting ox-hybrid. I feel it’s a fair fight!

And lastly, the greenskins of the combined alliance. My hobgoblin leader has been well-travelled, and has picked up a fair few names (some too nasty to mention) but he goes by Giznit Groinbiter. While naturally braver than most hobgoblins, he still requires some mates to tag along with him in battle, to take any nasty things coming his way. Like a heavy cavalry regiment. Usually they give him enough time to leave the unit and escape elsewhere. Giznit has picked up a few trinkets over the years, and so has a talisman of protection, and the black gem of gnar. I feel this represents his innate luckiness, and to some degree, his fighting style of running away when the opposing hero has him in a challenge. He’s got under his command:
25 hobgoblins, full command for the above reasons.
Two lots of 5 wolfriders, to throw insults and slow them down.
4 bolt throwers, cos let’s face, goblins do so much better fighting far away.
Oh yeah, and the sneaky gits. There’s nothing quite like seeing a cheesy frien’s face when you kill his uber spike lord accompanied by dragon in combat. By goblins. There’s 30 of these guys, plus command as well. Too much fun by half to not use.

These guys are all fighting together for mutual survival, as they were abandoned by respective races for being, well, either too good, or in the case of one, too cowardly. Even by goblin standards. That means no one really wants them, and are a bunch of migrants.
Well, that’s it for the moment. I got 50 points that can go elsewhere, and I want to add something particularly cool. So if you guys can think of some nice to do in this army. Don’t be afraid to sugget anything I could add/take away to add to the whole feel of the army.