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    Fighting Against...

    G'day my fine lords and ladies; I hereby present this thread to you all for use in the fighting against Chaos Dwarfs. This is to be used in whatever way you all seem fit but the idea I have behind this is...

    A tactica type thing. All generals are welcome to post here any tips, tactics, unit break downs, do and don't of the armies and all list break downs (note - not army lists but maybe a skeleton list used to build off etc)

    Well that's the idea, I hope it works. I will be watching these and any abuse of thread or things I decide that are not to be in here will be deleted without warning.


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    The first key thing I will point out to anyone facing Chaos Dwarves is that they are not dwarves. Though they have the smae movement and flee and advance one less like dwarves, THEY CAN be marched-blocked (very important) and they DONT get 4 dispell dice.
    Next, they will most frequently have leadership 10 from just heroes, or have wizards (yes, dwarven finger-wagglers), and said wizards cost the same as skinks (but dont get the chaos armor you expect from "chaos" armies.
    As for troop choices, beware the blunderbuss, it is not safe to move a unit of say, 20 spearmen, to them, even if you stop about a foot away, because they can move AND shoot their weapons, without penalty, and if they are ranked, they will most likely be wounding on 2+ and ignoring your armor save. Thus, half would be hit, and 5/12 of your spearmen die, followed by a stand and shoot next turn for another and another 2/12 of what you had would die on the satnd and shoot. The best way to get rid of these guys is to have something fast charge them from outside their range (wont be able to stand and shoot your unit if its not in range), or by something that is able to ignore the standing and shooting (say, bretonians with the Banner of Chalons). Be careful, they still have heavy armor and toughness four, so dont throw something at them that can't take them just to stop the shooting.
    Last, all I want to say besides about blunderbusses is, if he is hobgoblin heavy, remember you are fighting units of unarmored goblins (very cheap goblins) and you should focus on taking away their leadership capabilities rather than their numbers.

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