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    Son of Blunderbuss clarification

    I tried asking this in the blunderbuss thread further down the page, but I'm not allowed to post in older threads.

    About 5 years ago I fought a couple of battles in the local game store with my CD army. The Blunderbuss rules in Ravening Hordes were confusing enough to require a judgement call by the stores main WFB expert. He determined that my shots would only be able to cause hits on the front rank of an enemy unit, no matter how many were within the 12' fire zone. I pointed out how this went against the original rules from 4th edition, and constituted a serious crippling of the unit, but to no avail. Basically, if I wanted to play in the store, I was honor bound to follow the ruling, so I did. My BB's were essentially worthless, per their points.

    My question is, was he right? Has there been any official clarification by GW on this? If so, where would I find it? How do the rest of you play it?

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    He wasn't. A die is rolled for every model caught in the firezone, regardless of which rank it is in.
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    And think about it, if your 10 archers shot at his ranked unit of 20 slave rats and you cause 7 wounds, you're going to remove seven rats, not just the five in the first rank.

    What is his logic for this not also being true for the blunderbusses?

    And the whole point of the blunderbuss is that it creates this "zone" of fire that is a big hail of death. I think reducing it to the front rank takes away the entire point of the rule.
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