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    questions about Chaos Dwarf Rules

    Anyone have a copy of the Ravening Hordes lists and can enlighten me without breaking copyright, which type of selections I can make from the Goblin and Orc army lists?
    Black Orcs
    Orc boyz and archers
    Goblins and archers
    I know
    do any of their special rules apply? Can I take any of the Wolfriders or Boar boyz? Any chariots or other vehicles or is it only the Core Orcs and Goblins? Can they take any special banners or items?

    What is the Dark Thane and where are his rules? Or is that just a nickname for the CD Sorceror?

    My only complaint with these type of rules (Kislev, CD, DoW) is there is not quite enough variety in the magic items, weapons and armor sections (CD has more than the other two combined) and in the case of Kislev, their army units are fairly expensive and weak. The Chaos Dwarves seem to be almost the opposite.

    Thanks for answering questions in advance. I was looking for a new army to convert/create. This should be fun. I just wish there was something else to use as the bull base.

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    You can get the RA list from GW's website now.
    I'm not sure if its on the UK or US site, so check both.

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    Chaos Dwarf list:

    You can buy:
    Orc Boyz
    Orc Arrer Boyz
    0-1 Black Orcs
    Common Goblins

    You are not allowed to use any other units from the O&G book.
    The Dark Thane is simply a nickname for the Chaos Dwarf Hero.

    As far as magic items from the O&G book, the Black Orc entry could be read in two ways.

    The first reading (they use the CD magic item list) means they use either the War banner or the Banner of Slavery.

    The second reading (They use O&G magic items) means they choose the War banner or any magical banner from the current O&G list.

    If the Black Orc unit entry is a standard one (ie. "Black Orcs may choose a magic standard worth up to 50 points") or something similar, their choices are effectively restricted to the Banner of Slavery and the War Banner.
    Use Light, Beasts, Metal instead of Heavens
    NecroLords: Use at least one Death Mage
    Brets: Use Peasants&Damsels
    Skaven: Don't use Skryre SAD

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