Well if this is allowed for any clan of a kind.
For any diablo 2 lord of destruction warcraft 3 the frozen throne and starcraft broodwar wo are interested in joining a GOOD clan. (Not those well live for 2 months clans) they can sign up on the TLO site.

We are a online gaming community with only 30 members atm. We have several rules involving things like no racism etc but those are just normal rules.

for all those wo want to join a clan you can post on the forum and ask to let WK40.000(TLO) reply. Il try to reply within a day. (It is a good clan I am already a member for 11 months by now and on the 27 of jan one year long I am the emperor of the clan together with the other co emperor if the emperor leaves on holiday or something)

The TLO website

We are NOT there for you to equip you or to serve you. You may ask a member or on the forum for several normal items like shakos and you will often get them if you are a decent member for free. Any1 wo has problems in a game can contact the duellsquad wo will beat the ones wo are pkking you.