Many of you may not check the Warhammer 40K site regularly so I am here to start (probably the first) Pit-Fighting Clan. Warhammer 40K recently released "Creature Feature", a game where you make your own Creatures and Florae of the 40k universe and pit-fight them against your friends. It is a mini-campaign off of 40k so it is played using the same basic rules.

You can post your custom creation stats, ammount of wins and lossses, and questions to your content. I have also put together a little 9 page packet with the guidelines, creature creator, and a few addditions of my own.

Beast Rustlers Underground Homepage (Copy into URL bar)-Under Construction
Packet (Copy to URL bar)
Creature Feature Home Page

On a last note: if someone could make a cool 64x64 icon for the B.R.U.?