This is a clan for all you history buffs. In this clan we will discuss WW1 and WW2. For instance will discuss battles, tactics, equipment, Technology etc.

Please make yourself as knowledable about the subjects as you can, I don't want anyone to join just so they can say that they are in a certain number of clans.

Also try and keep the discussion the same. It would be very confusing for x amount of people discussing WW1 and x amount discussing WW2.

Once we get a good number of members we can vote on which war to discuss first. We will go front by front and discuss as many battles as we can. Also anyone wanting to make a banner feel free to do so. If you don't know very much about these 2 World Wars this is a chance to expand your knowledge.

Also I would like everyone to state what country they come from and a battle they think was most significant to their country from each war and why.

So I am from Canada

WW1 battle: Vimy Ridge is my battle. It was one of the reasons Britain made us an independant country, we fought mainly alone and took the ridge ourselves. My Great Uncle died in that battle (or at least he was wounded and died a few days later). Also France actually gave us Vimy Ridge because they were so greatful.

WW2 battle: Not exactly a battle, but the freeing of Belgium and the Netherlands. We did it ourselves and those people have been very grateful to us. The Italian Campaign is a close second.

So begin!