I'm sure the title speaks for itself. As poets, I think our constructions speak better than any explanations. I'll start off with two of my own.


Eclipse of Eternity

Let the Sun rise again. Curtains drawn. Radiance
Why? Answer me in truth. Always hidden
Inside this face, Joker’s face. The tears fall
Spiraling downwards, it comes out bent

I asked another; same results as before
When will this stop? I can barely guess
Strangely the effects dull; more so as it begins
By its coming, I’ll be in Heaven or Hell

Loathing and Remembrance flooding me
They never came before; arrived when I ask not
Unexpected things they are; drowning my minds’ eye
Enjoyable sensations; Sorrow and Ecstasy

Let the Eternal stop. Just momentarily I’ll Be
Who are you? My demon of Joy and Grief
Uncomprehendingly I follow. My heart bends
The Darkness guides, and Laughter is its Will

With this singularity, it shall continue to endure
During that momentary pause, freedom comes
Beautiful at least, I see the temporal bliss
So why Eternal? I choose Mortality as of now


Ultimatum of Undreams

The dark spiral comes and goes, never ending, never changing, forever looming
My elation arises when I see her; whispers in my ear telling me of the phantasmagoric thoughts of this never ending Undream

It comes and goes beyond the gates of sanity. Spinning like a wheel, rusted and decayed through the passage of time, the specter of my dreams return and speaks ever so lovingly once more:

“Hush child, hush. The roses are blooming, the pricks have drew blood and the sun will set forever”

Thus do I recall once more the shattering of my Epiphany, the momentary bliss reduced to ashes by the Winds of Change

What is this sound? It rings in my ears, peaceful yet frightening, stealing my memories and sadness simultaneously

Yet I still remember, and my remembrance is what kept this tie to darkness; this is the chain that binds me to the synthetic ecstasy of existence