Folks, a number of users have, quite understandably, wanted to set up a clan or club for for people in countries where English is not a first language.

LO is an English speaking board and normally the use of other languages is not permitted. This is principly for two reasons - inclusion (most people speak it) and management (we have a responsibility for content and we can not moderate what we do not understand - frankly I am suprised we even permit English!)

However, we do see the point of having a clan which can revert to your mother tongues. The management has pondered on this at length, the best we could come up with to cover our requirements and still let you play is as follows:

If you want to start a club or clan which uses a different language, the use of that language will be limited to the post of your club/clan.

In addition, you must, between your members, nominate a representative who will manage the post.

The representative must be:

1. Acceptable to the management - i.e. me mature, have a good posting record on the board and generally be a respected member.
2. Will be nominated to the management by the originator of the clan.
3. be willing to carry out the role
4. be responsible for checking the foreign language content and reporting any reach of board rules to a manager who can deal with it, together with advice on how to (highlighting text which needs removing etc)

Please feel free to discuss this with me.